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30 Tweets By Dachshund Owners That Show What It’s Like To Live With A Sausage Dog

Dachshunds or the more lovingly known sausage dogs are adorable to look at with an extremely animated personality!

They’re playful, intelligent, courageous, and devoted to their families and hence, can be extremely loyal. So you definitely don’t want to end up hurting anyone they are close to or love. Ferociously devoted to their hoomans, they will go an extra mile to make sure that they protect their humans from harm’s way at all costs or anything else that they might perceive as a threat.


Sarah Cooper’s Twitter thread went viral when she tweeted about her Dachshund being a smol but ferocious little doggo who clearly has a massive personality trapped in a short and small body! She spoke about what it’s actually like to own one of these doggos and people are jumping to this trend and sharing their own experiences.

The UK’s largest vet charity, the PSDA, provided some very informative insights into what Dachshund personalities can be like and why they can act a particular way. They shed light on the right way to care for them, love them, and tame their fiery personalities if required. If your sausage dog is too aggressive, these tips by the PSDA will indeed prove extremely useful. Anna Ewers Clarke, a vet at PSDA explained more about these doggos, and you can read all about it if you scroll down below. Bonus: Some adorable Dachshund pictures!

1. They just need ‘their person’

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2. Look at those adorable eyes!

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Anna Clarke, the vet at PSDA spoke about how the Dachshund breed of dogs may suffer from a condition called Intervertebral Disc Disease or slipped disc because of their elongated backs. “This can lead to pain, problems using the legs, and even permanent paralysis.” Owners of these dogs can help diminish the risk of this disease by stopping their sausage dogs from jumping too much from high areas or over furniture. “It’s also important to keep them at their ideal weight—if your dog is overweight then this also puts more strain on the back.”

3. Guard doggos

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4. We got our answer

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5. Don’t judge a book by its cover

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6. That escalated quickly…

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Anna further explains that some activities are not well suited to Dachshunds. “Certain dog sports are not a good idea for dachshunds, for example, agility and fly ball, which involve intense exertion and bending. Instead, stick to regular, gentle exercise to keep your dog fit and active (think going for lots of walks or obedience training) without putting extreme pressure on your dachshund’s spine. This is really important if your dog has had a slipped disc diagnosed—unfortunately, IVDD can happen more than once for your dog and is more likely if they’ve suffered from it in the past.”

7. Yikes

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8. Ban stereotypes!

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9. What an adorable little boy!

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10. Stella had a close save

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11. Isolation buddy

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In response to queries about controlling aggressive behaviors, Anna stated: “Many dachshunds will be friendly towards people and other pets, especially if they have had a good start in life and been well socialized as a puppy. They can make great family pets and are often fun-loving and active. However, as they were originally bred as hunting dogs they may have a high prey drive (meaning they like to chase or catch things that run, such as wildlife) and they are often quite intelligent dogs meaning they can become bored or stressed if their brains and bodies aren’t kept active.” It’s important to note that every Dachshund is different and it is important to give them their own individual treatments: “Just because your dachshund might have been originally bred for a certain use, their own personality is much more important than their breed when it comes to behavior or aggression.”

12. Kings of their household

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13. A paradox

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14. Badass little doggos

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15. Loving the comparison

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Pet owners can help their doggos on the way to becoming happier and more docile, especially in their adult years. “A key part of helping your dog become a well-adjusted adult is their socialization as a puppy. This is the process of teaching them what to expect in life by introducing them to lots of different sights, sounds, and situations in a positive way.” “It’s also important to make sure they continue with positive, reward-based training throughout their lives. Training helps keep your dog’s mind busy and prevents them from becoming bored or getting into mischief. Try ‘brain games’ (such as ‘find the toy’ or going on a scent walk) or puzzle feeder toys which help their bodies stay active and uses their natural instinct to hunt.”

16. Ferocious boys

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17. That’s dangerous

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18. Be careful around these sausages

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Anna Clarke goes further to highlight how owners should address the hunting drive that their dachshunds possess: “In terms of their prey drive, it’s really important to teach your dog recall (teaching your dog to come back to you) from a young age. Not only does this help if they see something they might want to chase, but it also helps keep them safe especially if you suddenly spot something that could be dangerous up ahead, like a road or a non-friendly dog.”

“Remember you need to keep rewarding them for coming back to you for their whole lives not just when they’re young so always carry some tasty treats—after all, you have to be more interesting and fun than anything else they come across! If they struggle with a really high prey drive then it’s safest to keep them on the lead, especially around livestock or other potential dangers.”

19. Skunks are evil?

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20. Don’t underestimate them based on their size!

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21. Quite the pair

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It is important to know about how dachshunds act and react so action can be taken accordingly. Since this dog breed has evolved to be hunters, conditioning and training can only do so much. It will definitely help but cannot completely change their innate traits. They might act inappropriately at times when they feel endangered, shocked, or very excited.

Sarah Cooper’s initial Twitter thread garnered over 131.7K likes and spread a lot of joy and relatability to dachshund owners. They can be a real treat to have as pets at home, even though they might require some extra work at times.

22. Community doggos

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23. Quite the enigma

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It’s extremely important for sausage dogs to get the right diet and exercise to maintain their ideal body weight and size. They might be at an increased risk of disease and injury if this standard is not maintained, hence owners have to be extra careful and responsive to their needs. Even though your beloved doggos may want an extra serving of that delicious steak you cooked them as a Sunday treat, you’ll have to ignore their innocent requests and whines and stick to only the recommended portion sizes so you can keep them on a particular calorie count.

24. They can be bitter

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25. Big personalities

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26. That’s a tough one

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27. A harmless sausage doggo

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28. They all have their own personalities

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29. Happy family

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30. Don’t like the outside world, I guess?

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Dachshunds may seem like high maintenance dogs but like anything, these requirements can be built into your daily routine for maximum ease, and to enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle. They need to be able to strengthen their back muscles to protect themselves against the risk of a slipped disc; certain kinds of play need to be avoided like jumping from high areas or over things. If taken care of properly, sausage dogs will live a long, happy life of 12-16 years, especially when they are cared for by devoted human owners. They need to be stressed out less and protected from infections, kept clean and happy and they will thrive!

If you are planning to adopt a new sausage dog of your very own, make sure you do all your research and are prepared for the care and effort that goes into giving these beautiful doggos a great life. These pets can be extremely rewarding to care for and if given a loving home and the right treatment, they will be a true delight to have around. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve had any experiences with dachshunds and what that was like. We’d love to hear from you!


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