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Pet Owners Shared Their Dogs’ Names That Progressed Into Super Weird (But Awwdorable) Nicknames

We all know someone who named their dog Jeffery, could not deal with the problems (that includes the laziness) that came with the whole name, so they shortened it into Jeff. Little did they know that their one simple mistake would lead to multiple dogs having the most ridiculous yet adorable nicknames. These dogs nicknames will make you laugh hysterically because they are actually that funny. I am not sure how funny it is for dogs though! But nevertheless, we humans will take full advantage of it and give them the dumbest but hilarious nicknames that suit their personality better. Dogs are not called ‘Hooman’ best friends for no reason. It is because we know them and they know you without having to explain anything, no communication is needed. They can read your mind and feel your feelings because they are connected to your soul. Needless to say, humans may never find someone as loyal and protective as a dog who they have cherished and loved.


Nicknames are another form of showing love because that is how you shower it. By calling and associating them with adorable things and names, humans have their fair share of fun and show of their affection.

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1. Choose your fighter!

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2. Don’t know how to feel about this one…

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3. Bring it on, let’s do a face-off!

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4. I pick ‘Froodleberry Svemps’!

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5. The worst is yet to come…

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6. This is how it should be!

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7. That is pure love!

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8. Hahahahah!

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9. The struggle!

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10. What did ‘Lucifer’ do?

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11. Sounds like a pokemon challenge!

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12. We all love the last name…

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13. This dog must have had an identity crisis at this point!

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14. ‘Rhubarb pie’ wins!

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15. That’s royalty!

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16. Winkle Wankle takes the debate!

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The dog names definitely deserve applause for being this out of the box and creative. They went from being normal to weird to crazy to absolutely mind-boggling. These dogs deserve appreciation for keeping up with such names because that my friend is a hard task. Imagine if you were called by a different name every day! Their bond is the most adorable and worthy of being appreciated because it is one of the purest forms of love.

We can say one thing for sure, dogs are not like other pets. Their emotional attachment to you can not be compared with anyone else, it is just so special and unique. However, when dogs get silly and act all broken, that is when the real fun begins and all the nicknames start kicking in.

These are absolutely hilarious yet adorable at the same time! I absolutely loved every single one of them. Let us know which one was your favourite and what nicknames do you have for your pet in the comment section below!


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