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20 Hilarious Dogs Who Can Boost Your Mood Faster Than a Rocket

If you have a dog, there is no way you can be in a bad mood for long. A dog is like a ball of energy that never dies. They are precious souls who can never see their humans sad. They would jump on you and cuddle with you till they take your sadness away. Their goofy and silly actions always bring a smile to your face. They would eat your food when you are not looking, and tear apart your pretty pillows when you are away for work. Seeing them grow up is another fun thing. Their tiny bodies that barely fit your lap grow up to be big furry ones and cover half of your sofa. They make a mess in the rain and cover themselves with mud. Even though you get to clean the mess, their silly shenanigans still make you laugh. That is the charm of dogs!


We want to make sure everyone gets their daily dose of canine creatures. Scroll below to delve into cuteness! You won’t be able to thank us enough for bringing this kind of wholesomeness to you 💕

1. My human can sleep somewhere else like a good boy he is.

Via © lizardking7750 / reddit

2. Hmmmm, that is a good massage!

Via © JustHavinAGoodTime / reddit

That sweetest smile is sending me through the roof!

3. He probably saw a ghost and lost all his teeth in fear except for these two…

Via © NanoCharat / reddit

4. Brunch time!!

Via Twitter

Someone is just a little too happy.

5. It is always better when my human multitasks and gives me attention while he works.

Via © Generalpi / imgur

6. When you want a dose of sunlight but don’t want to leave the house.

Via © GardenerInAWar / reddit

7. Game night!

Via © kmascasa / reddit

8. Cereal tastes better when you are eating it being upside down.

Via © moody_bastard / reddit

9. Well, that is an odd way to sit…

Via © blu9bird / reddit

Are you… broken?

10. How do dogs not break their neck? It looks like a dog’s face was attached to a rug.

Via © IAreTehPanda / reddit


11. The widest smile! It looks like he saw the sun for the first time.

Via © NikKnack1313 / reddit

12. The resemblance is uncanny

Via © reeeeeeeee22e / reddit

13. An odd duo but a good one

Via © javagirl / imgur

14. Wow, we all need to do this with our dog! This guy took his obsession with his dog to another level.

Via © boriswong / reddit

15. Poor stuffed toy is struggling to breathe in this dog’s mouth!

Via © stuntzombie / reddit

16. He had to channel his raging passion!

Via © Kiko2s / reddit

17. Transformation pictures make you the happiest!

Via © heyCharley / reddit

18. Grinch as a dog!

Via © azflat4 / reddit

19. Squishy Squishy!

Via © mr_a2-b3 / reddit

20. This is the correct way to fetch the frisbee.

Via © BBNCitizen / reddit

21. “My dad has just figured out how to use the front camera. This is the first picture he sent.”

Via © BBNCitizen / reddit

Have you had enough? No, right? Because these 21 pictures are not enough. Even though a single picture of these creatures is enough to make us happy, we still cannot get enough of these. If I did not have a job and bills to pay, I would look at these pictures all day.

Do you have any cute pictures of dogs? Don’t even think twice and drop those gems in the comments section below. We will be waiting eagerly!


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