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40 Dogs Who Had A Blast On Their Birthdays

Dogs love and recognize all the efforts we make for them.

Don’t we all? It feels so amazing to have the spotlight on yourself. When all eyes are on you, you feel that sense of achievement even if it was never a goal. And our dogs. I guess you all are familiar with how much they love getting attention. So much so, that it makes them jealous if somebody else comes closer to their owners. And if it’s another pet, all hell breaks loose at times.


The reason why people give dogs so much love, affection, and attention is very simple; they deserve it all. All you dog owners must know is that life becomes so much more comfortable and stress-less when you have a dog around. For example, when they realize their owner is pregnant, they go full caretaker mode and don’t let anyone touch her belly. That is so possessive and cute. And the way they care for the toddlers as they are their own puppies, so heartwarming to look at. All of this and thousands of more reasons are why dogs deserve our love and going an extra mile wouldn’t hurt at all.

Today we are going to look at some families making that extra effort and celebrating their pet dogs’ birthdays. The joy on their dogs’ faces is indescribable and so satisfying.

Scroll down below to enjoy dogs having an absolute blast on their birthdays.

1. A fancy dinner for the birthday boy.


2. Just look at the cute expressions of the dog when he sees his bone-shaped cake. Best cake ever.


Via Kastey

3. Some pupcakes as a birthday treat, but the dog may find it a little hard to eat its own face…


Via andreaonsax

4. When the wine from the dough kicks in. Looks like the doggo has had its first legal drink…indirectly.


Via IsThisUsernameReallyRelevant

5. When you wanna go right after that cake but can’t think of a birthday wish.


Via ducky609

6. That birthday hat makes the dog look 1000 times cuter.


Via Jaymi Heimbuch

7. Oh my god! A bone cake? For me?



8. Play fetch all you want Joey Jax. It’s your birthday!



9. It’s my birthday guys. Come join me. I like to party hard.


Via Tails94

10. Finally legal. The real fun begins now.


Via linchow

11. Horrified? Or has he just spotted his favorite stuffed toy and is in a happy shock.

Via Geoffbernier

12. This birthday pup might have just tasted heaven.


Via nvc0320

13. This dog’s wish for its 1st birthday was to have 3 horns. Granted.

Via jettagirl2010

14. Sweet sixteen. Try not to get in trouble.


Via catbustime

15. This is Margaux. It celebrated its first birthday on the date it was adopted. And this is it celebrating its 1 year of adoption.

Via jennpetvet

16. That battered bear in the back? That’s the dog’s birthday present.


Via twinner1

17. Aww, one of the cutest birthday dogs I have ever seen.


18. One is after the cake, the other is after the mommy. The Pitbulls look very happy on their birthday.


Via the_blueboys

19. Is that fresh meat? For me? I love you!

Via ThisAndLess

20. It’s their doggos birthday and Mama decided to go over the board with the setup. How could she not, it’s her baby.



I don’t think I have a heart left. These dogs all took it with their smiles and excitement. From the very first picture, my heart just melts instantly and you can assume how my reactions would have been like from that point onwards. It really does put a big bright smile on my face to see all these owners making these efforts for their dogs. And you might have noticed one thing, not every one of them went over the board. Sometimes, and don’t get me wrong, I really do commend their efforts and it shows how much they love their dogs. Here, I am talking from a dog’s point of view. They all seem extremely happy. From the dog who got a whole roasted chicken to the dog who got one stuffed animal, they were all over the moon due to the fact that their owners made an effort for them.

So, the size of the effort never matters. Only the thought counts and the dogs realize that very well

Scroll down below because we’ve got a lot more happy dogs celebrating their happy birthdays.

21. An excited dog at its birthday party.

Via bp72520

22. Aww, look at that smile. So cute!


Via spanzz

23. Where do dogs get eternal happiness from? From ripping apart newly gifted stuffed toys.

24. Luna invited her little friend Vilma on her first birthday.

25. The party has only started. And here are the 3 puppers who are going to drive the party.

Via s8n_sdqr

26. There is so much love for his owners in those eyes.


Via DirtinB

27. Chester, Finnegan, Lyla, and Tony are anxiously waiting for the party to begin.


Via Annie

28. On its 10th birthday.

Via Chelsea Nesvig

29. All pimped up for his 6th birthday. Looking handsome, little boy.


30. Is the dog about to get whipped creamed?

Via Auguryan

31. Scout is fully invested in its birthday cake.

32. Here’s Duncan celebrating his 10th birthday. Look at how many gifts he got. Lucky boy!


33. Happy birthday little girl.

34. Happy birthday to this 6-year-old dog. Have a great day

35. This person had a joint birthday party with his roommates Golden. I think the sweet doggo likes the idea of joint birthday parties.


Via kukamunga

36. Atlas is all set and ready to celebrate its 1st birthday.

37. Check out that birthday dinner. It’s your big day, Williams.

38. Why is it so hard to think of a wish when the cake is right in front of you. Seems like hunger takes over our brains.


39. You can tell how pampered this doggo is.

40. 3rd year and the cutie is still figuring out how to blow the candle.

Wow, such a wholesome experience. I absolutely love watching happy dogs. It shows that they are getting all the love and affection that they rightfully deserve. I have so much respect for all these dog owners and not just these 40 but all the dog owners in the world who celebrate their dog’s presence. It feels very touching and makes me tear up with joy.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this image. The idea was to put a big bright smile on you guys’ faces and I hope I succeeded in my mission. Do share your thoughts about making efforts for our pet animals, in the comments section down below.


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