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5 Times People Went Extra Crazy To Celebrate Their Dogs Birthday

Dogs are very special to their pet owners. For the pet’s guardian, the dog is not just an animal, but equivalent to their child. The love humans have for their dogs is like no other. Dogs hold a special place in every dog-owners heart. Dogs are loving, caring, kind, and thoughtful creatures who turn your mundane life into a less boring one. They cheer you up on a bad day and give you the best cuddles!


Because of the immense love, a person holds for their dog, they want to celebrate their dog’s birthday and make it a special day for them. Humans want to show their dogs how much they love them and how special they are. Dogs are elated every time they get special attention. They are always pleased to be treated with extra love and treats. Dogs are important members of the family, so if you can imagine celebrating the birthdays of every member of the family, why not for the dog as well?

Below we have some adorable stories about dogs who had their birthdays celebrated by their thoughtful humans. Scroll down and you might get some ideas on how to throw your dog a part next time!

1. Maggie and her beautiful pearls

Magnolia Mae Blossom, better known as “Maggie”, had her 10th birthday celebrated. Maggie has a bit of a sad story. She lost her first human when she was six. The owner turned severely sick. Maggie was handed over to Ninna’s Road to Rescue in Benton so a new loving home could be found for her. That is when she was found by a new human and was adopted with a lot of love and hospitality.

Lucky for Maggie, the new human is a photographer and captures amazing photographs. The new human wanted to throw a huge birthday photoshoot for Maggie to celebrate her beautiful and sweet existence.

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The new human wanted to make this birthday a special one. She secured a studio that was decorated with Magnolia flower decor. She also dressed Maggie in elegant pearls as well as a headband.


There was also a two-tiered cheddar cheesecake! Don’t worry, it was dog-friendly and Maggie savored the hell out of it. Maggie’s human got it made from Lucy’s BARKery in Shreveport, Louisiana.


The way Maggie devoured the cake showed how much she loved it.


However, Maggie knows her manners and she saved some cake for her siblings and foster brother too. After all, sharing is caring!


2. Penny’s story of survival!

Penny had a rough start when she was born. Her survival was something no one had anticipated because she was the only newborn that survived out of a litter of five. The mother Penny was born to be not old enough to care for newborns and got pregnant too soon for her age.

More info: | Facebook | Instagram (h/t: barkpost)


Penny’s mother was not able to perform her maternal duties. Fortunately, Candice came to rescue Penny right when she needed a home. Candice was committed to recurring and fostering homeless animals. She took the responsibility to perform the duty of a mother to Penny.


Penny was welcomed into a very hospitable family of 4 humans. That family did not only have humans but a lot of other animals too. Penny was a new sibling to 6 adopted and rescued fellow dogs, 5 chickens, and an adorable tortoise too. She was overwhelmed with how many new siblings she suddenly had!


Candice was committed to caring for Penny and bottled fed her to ensure she was consuming proper nutrition. Penny also learned to potty train with help of Candice. Along with all of that, Candice was showered with love.


Because of how hard a life Penny had since the day he was born, Candice had to celebrate his birthday, “I never thought a year ago, when I brought you [Penny] home in a cardboard box at 3 days old, that this is where we’d be today. Any of it!”


Penny was overwhelmed with all the love she received. She celebrated her first birthday and could not have asked for more. Just look at her face, happiness is showing!

3. Billboard bash!

We all want to make our dog’s every birthday a special one. We ponder over what to get them that would be the perfect gift to show you love them too much. While most of us just want to show our dogs that we love them, some people want to announce to the world that they love their dogs. They want everyone to know that it is their dog’s birthday.

Image credits: maxxchewning

Maxx Chewning, a YouTuber, rented a huge billboard to announce and wish his dog “Happy Birthday”. He wanted to spend a good amount on his dog’s birthday. He talked about why he decided to go out of the way for his canine buddy,  “I don’t even have a girlfriend so I’m not spending any money on that, so why don’t I spend it all on my cute dog?”. That does make perfect sense! If you have no one else to spend your money on, might as well do it on your beautiful dog.


Chewning was very excited about his dog’s birthday and recorded the whole day to keep it for memories. First, the two went for an early walk to start the day on a good note. Later the pooch was gifted with Puppucino, a treat for dogs at Starbucks.


The next part is where Pooch got to see the huge billboard that had his picture and the words “Happy Birthday Dood” written on it. Unfortunately, dogs cannot read so Pooch must not have noticed, but it was still such a sweet gesture by his human.

“I walked into the office one day and asked my employee to find out how we can rent a billboard because I want the entire town to know it is his birthday. The billboard company had never heard of anything like this and they were excited for something creative/fun to be on their digital screen,” Maxx said.

Dood’s human mentioned that even though this was a special occasion, Dood is spoiled with love every day. Every day is like a birthday for him!


4. An expensive birthday!

A couple from Nottingham just proved that animals deserve all love in the world! They did that by spending a huge amount of $4000 on their dog’s birthday. This amount was used to get all the gifts for their dog as well as a replica of their dog of the same size as the actual dog. This was their dog’s “King” moment because he truly felt like royalty being around all the costly gifts.


It was the dog’s 9th birthday when his lovely parents, Kieran and Lauren Blake, decided to show him how much they loved and cherished him. Among all the costly and lavish gifts, the life-sized replica of the dog took away the spotlight.

Via Instagram Lara Mason

In case that was not enough, we will let you in on another piece of information. This replica was a cake. Yes, you read it right! It was not a regular cardboard replica. It was a damn cake. Lara Mason, a famous baker whose creation got viral on TikTok, was contacted and was given the honor of making this grand cake.


The cake required to use more than 80 eggs. Woah! That is a huge amount. Other than that, sugar, flour, butter, and around 3kg ganache and buttercream were used. 5kg of chocolate was also used to add to the delight that this cake was.

Baker also agreed that such grand gestures are rarely done. It was surely a rare way of celebrating your dog’s birthday!

5. Senior Dog taken by surprise!

The bond between a human and dog is the most beautiful relationship one can ever experience. Dogs submit themselves to their human and give them all the love they are capable of giving. Everyone knows they are the most loyal and supportive animals.

A family decided to celebrate their special bond with their dog on his 13th birthday. They are a cute big family from Perth, Australia. They organized a surprise birthday for their senior dog. It had a delicious cake and birthday hats too! They truly wanted to appreciate the existence of their dogs.

Bailey was escalated with his birthday being celebrated. I think this is the happiest dog I have ever met. Just look at his smile! It is as big as it can get!

Image credits: Katie D’Souza


It is as if he knows his birthday is being celebrated. His excitement is showing! He turned 13 years old, which translates into 68 in dog years.

Bailey got his cake, candles as well as a birthday song. Other than that he was smothered with kisses given a lot of gifts!

An adorable video of the family singing a birthday song got viral too. Everyone was overwhelmed with how excited Bailey was! His happiness was oozing from his face. Their Facebook post about the birthday was captioned:  “Happy 13th birthday to our boy BAILEY! He brings us so much joy and we love him heaps!”

Bailey was the happiest dog on the planet that day! He did not realize how special he was to his family until they threw a huge birthday party for him.


And that is a wrap on today’s stories, everyone! Seeing how excited and motivated people are about their dogs’ birthdays makes me so happy. Not a lot of people take out time to do this so it is nice to know that dogs are being loved and cherished as they should be.

Do you celebrate your dog’s birthdays too? Let us know how you celebrate your dog’s last birthday in the comments!


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