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30 Adorable Photos Of Dogs Playing In Snow For The First Time

For some of us, winter is the happiest and coolest time of the year… quiet literally. Winter brings a lot of joy but some people find winters to be very gloomy. How can it ever be gloomy, though? Specially when it’s snowing! The first flake of snow falling from the clouds. Such an amazing sight! There are so many things we could in the snow as well! Make snow angels, snowmans, have a snow fight, and many many more exciting things.

Just like humans, animals also love the snow! If you have taken your dog out in the snow, you would know how much dogs enjoy it.If you haven’t yet and you live in a snowy area, take your dog out! It will roll, jump around, run in the snow and maybe have a bite of a snowball! If you want your dog to have fun, just take it to a snow park and unleash the dog!

Dogs really get excited when they see snow around and it is an extremely pleasant site. But you know what is the most pleasant site? It is when you see your dog playing in snow for the first time! Don’t have a dog? No snowfall in your region? Do not worry! we have got you covered. In this article we have a bunch of photos which were captured by dog owners when their dogs saw snow for the first time!

1. Loved the snow a little too much!

Looks like this dog *fell* in love with the snow!

2. Wittle nose covered in snow!


I wanna see snow, I wanna eat snow, I wanna play snow and I wanna smell snow.

3. Hooman look, wittle snow falling from the sky!


Doggo has been mesmerized by the snow.

4. Can we pweease stay a little longer?


5. Hooman, this white cold thing is everywhere!!!!


I can’t come in I am stuck in this snow!!!

6. Let’s play hide and seek!


7. Someone is really happy to be in snow for the first time!


8. A snow-stache!


I wanted to be a snowman!

9. Yippee!


10. Tell my momma I don’t wanna come inside.


Just let me play a little longer, pweasee

11. Need wood for fire, it’s freezing cold!

12. Where has this BEEN all my life?


13. No, I don’t like this snow. Take me home NOW!

Who forced this dogo to go out in snow? He clearly doesn’t like it!

14. You thought this was a good idea? Now, I’m stuck.


15. Why didn’t I see this before? Snow is so amazing!

16. Snow makes me trippy.


“I think I tripped, but white stuff is in the way.” – RachelHlove

17. At last, we meet Mr. Snow!

18. This doggo is a snowball playing in the snow.


Also who threw an actual snowball at his face? He is not amused!

19. Why haven’t you ever taken me out in the snow before?

20. Finally, my kind of weather!


21. Go play in the snow they said, it would be fun they said.

22. I forgot how to dog in snow..



23. Wow! I didn’t know I could run in snow

This is so exciting human, can we keep snow forever?

24. What? What’s on my nose?


What did you say?

25. My new costume is made of snow.

26. I was just trying to catch snowflakes with my paws.


I wish I had bigger paws 🙁

27. May I get my coat back?

It is ridiculously cold!

28. All hail the snow!

29. But the cat said there is ice cream outside? This isn’t ice cream!


30. Running wild in the snow!

Snow day is a happy day.

Well, I would definitely want a dog to play with in the snow, these photos look so much fun! Do you want to play with dogs in snow as well? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!


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