30 Charming Pics Of Pets That Came To This World To Make You Happy

Hello there! Are you a pet lover? Yes, we are talking about you. We’d want to know what makes you laugh or grin. How about an internet meme or a series of witty canine or feline puns? There is no better place for you if you are an animal lover and enjoy watching their stories and seeing hilarious photos. That’s why we’re back with a new bunch of endearing pooches to brighten your day.


We know how exhausting some days can be, but no worries!. If you’re having a bad day today, we’re here to help. You know, if there’s one thing that makes us happier, is the presence of our fluffies and kind-hearted animals! All day, every day, our hearts are racing for these gorgeous paws and adorable cute tiny faces.

So, why not just scroll down and enjoy watching these aww-dorable photos of tiny creatures to lift up our moods today. Have fun!

1. It seems like this pup needs a belly rub.

Via  focusynocd / reddit

“I came downstairs to my 80-pound German Shepherd watching Bob’s Burgers. I’ve never been prouder.”

2. Aww! that smile is everything.

Via chupacabrabliss / reddit

“My pup that can’t move got her wheelchair today. Check out that smile!”

3. Hey Hooman, do you like mah new hat?

Via wbbartsch / reddit

“Hmm…am I a boxer now?”

4. This dog can’t wait to see his owner after a long day. Adorable!!

Via  Maryconroy4525 / reddit

“OMG, you’re home from college!”

5. Have you ever seen someone so happy?

Via kennakumnick / reddit

6. Ever witnessed such a pure and sheer joy?

Via  snax4you / reddit

7. Finding tennis balls under the couch has made this dog’s day.

Via  m_me_yer_corgis / reddit

“Pretzel found 2 tennis balls under the couch. He seems pretty proud of himself.”

This pup’s owner should hide these balls randomly all over the house to make him happy. We have seen so many little babies enjoying finding random stuff in the house that we couldn’t even find after searching so many times.

8. He’s so overjoyed after finding his new home and hooman.

Via kpic1414213562 / reddit

“I found this good little boy abandoned in a ditch near my farm. We needed a guard dog and he’s happy to have his own dog house and to be fed.”

9. Le Dog: “Hey Hooman, take a picture of me with my new buddies.”

Via planet_shrooms / reddit

“My dog (left) loves to spend time at the doggy daycare.”

10. When your parents ask you your favorite ice-cream flavor.

Via  Jetto-Roketto / reddit

“The most beautiful boy in the world!”

Do you know, there are around 450 distinct dog breeds in this universe. We are sure you have heard about some dog breeds like German Shepherds, mostly known breed in this world and can be found around the world, or the Slovak Chuvach that can only be found in one specific location or country.

Anyways, all these four legged babies have one thing in common, and that’s their loyalty and true friendship. Yes! these babies have the most pure heart and soul. There is also the fact that they are able to smile exactly like we are.

Have more fun by scrolling down and enjoy these aww-dorable photos:

11. Someone seems to be so shy.

Via Oi_to_the_World / imgur

“My girlfriend kissed him on the head.”

12. It looks like this tiny pup is happy with the new haircut.

Via  Fill_erUp / reddit

“Mr. Tank is so proud of his haircut and tie!”

13. Wow! This baby is the epitome of strength and power.

Via Unknown Author / reddit

“Her first smile when she got home after beating cancer”

14. Someone please give this tiny cutie-pie a sweet treat. BTW it’s a winning smile. 

Via dogs0121 / reddit

“When will you give me that wonderful apple slice?”

15. A Dramatic Poser!!

Via  butchblues / reddit

“Puedo was so happy that everybody was home and that the weather was so nice.”

16. The face you make when someone gives you candy twice a day.

Via mjd42 / reddit

“First smile after their adoption”

17. This dog-tor can make everyone healthy and feel good.

Via abrill2967 / reddit

“My friend is fighting a serious illness and has been stuck in the hospital. This is his Dogtor, Loki.”

18. Hey Hooman, you forgot something today..

Via  Mark_Hamill / reddit

“He gets his bedtime treat at 9:30 p.m. It’s now 9:35 p.m. and he’s worried that I’ve forgotten.”

19. A Happy Fluffy Face!

Via Unknown Author / reddit

“He smiles all the time.”

20. Meet these two lovely doggos twinning together.

Via xivmm / reddit

“Our dog met her sister and I can’t tell which is which.”

21. This fluffy baby is having a lovely dream, or perhaps a dream of sweet goodies and treats.

Via broad_rod / reddit

“My dog smiles in her sleep.”

22. Those expressions tho!

Via kyrothedog / reddit

23. Sometimes all you need is a fresh air and peace.

Via  adrian_maal / reddit

24. This smile will surely melt your heart today.

Via DogsReadingBooks / reddit

“His smile literally melts me.”

25. Lights, Camera, Action!!!

Via  toweringinferno / reddit

“We had some professional shots taken of our dog.”

26. A Lovely and Happy Doggo Loaf!!

Via  jammsterz / reddit

“My dog likes to sit with his arms folded like a cat.”

27. A Peaceful Nap!

Via brutazuda / pikabu


Via  Jorik79 / pikabu

“Press to activate the smile.”

29. Smile Please!!

Via kuchka70 / pikabu

“Why do some dogs look so good in photos? It’s impossible to make my dog pose.”

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