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30 Hilarious Photos Of Dogs Sitting Like Total Weirdos

Our dogs never fail to surprise us. Sometimes, with their hilariously dumb actions and other times with their extremely intelligent reactions. Our canines are total gems with big hearts and we love them dearly. No matter how weird they get, or how crazy they may act, we always love them the same. However sometimes, we catch our dogs in surprisingly awkward situations and we can’t help but laugh.

Something just like that happened with Britney when she walked in on her dog who was sitting like a human and she thought it was hilarious. She captured the moment and tweeted about it saying “My dog is a weirdo bro.” The tweet went viral with 1.2 million likes and 192.6K retweets. Shortly afterwards her tweet turned into an entire thread where people shared their pictures of their dogs and cats who also sit like humans. Here we’ve collected 30 photos of dogs and cats from that twitter thread.

Scroll down and check em’ out!

A fabulous weirdo though.


Credits: ohmyitsbrittt

That’s the sign of a pure gentleman…


credits: wintanastasia

This one seems to be meditating.


Credits: Aria_uhhh

Snoop Doggy!


Credits: Animeisgreat123

Maybe that’s because he has long legs…


Credits: AinLyin

Why do some pets sit like us? Well, there are plenty of reasons why. One of them is attention-seeking. Yes, dogs enjoy it when they are appreciated, celebrated and given attention to. They sometimes sit like us, so that we notice and laugh. This is their way of engaging with us and seeing us smile. On the other hand, cats sit like us to groom themselves. We often see cats licking their fur and grooming themselves. This is because they do not sweat like us. So, they lick their fur to keep it cool. Sitting like us allows them to cool off when they’re heated. Letting all the air get to their belly. Animals sitting like us is also a sign that they feel safe around us and they don’t want to fight. At that time they are in a very vulnerable position. All their delicate organs like stomach are in the open.

Is he pretending to be a cat?


Credits: Kreyol_Konvenk

This one’s definitely gonna say something in a British accent.

Credits: RKVtheSenator

This one’s snoozing like an old man.


Credits: Joagambarte4

This one wants to have a talk with you. Like father and son, you know.

Credits: jay_mov

When your boss hands you more work at 4:30pm.


Credits: MarshmalowMatty

He looks like his girlfriend just broke up with him. *Sad reacts only.*

Credits: LisaTheGemini_

Guess he’s looking for something…


credits: TTG__CB

Little derp.

credits: allison_zerrudo

“Um, excuse me. Can I help you?”


Credits: tamsinamy_

Meet Rhubarb, a charming  F1 Toy Cavapoo from Marylebone, London. She’s 6 months old. And that’s what her mommy Tamsin said:

“It was in the morning, my partner and I have been working from home and we put on the TV in the background whilst we work, and we looked up and noticed her sitting upright on the sofa watching the program with us.It was such funny behavior for a puppy. She loves watching TV, she often groans if you do something she doesn’t agree with, which is quite funny, and she loves to stand on two feet.” Further, Tamsin added that suppose “with all of us being at home during lockdown, our dogs are picking up on people behaviors.” 

“Hooman, it’s no time to summon me… I was busy napping.”

Credits: elevenpyres

Thats a loaf!


Credits: mandimarvelous

This little guy is thinking about life.

Credits: Lindawiggy

“Hooman, drive carefully! Or else move, I’ll drive.”


Credits: saaavaannnah

This one’s high!

Credits: Dash_Amber6

Looks like he lost something.


Credits: gabrielzee_

That is one handsome lad!

Credits: irlsemi

On your mark, get set, GO!


Credits: _citizensplanet

“Where’s the newspaper, hooman!?”

Credits: lilhomieD_

Leia is practicing for the cheer squad.


Credits: abigailjrobin

He wants to be a ballerina.

Credits: skylatron

This one’s doing a side plank.


Credits: JaeeMichell

She’s staring with total adoration! 

Credits: _megannnnb

He looks like a grandpa when u change the channel thinking he’s asleep.


Credits: The_RHLP

Aww, he is!

Credits: tm_migo

Normal is boring.


Credits: nobabydikes

Hope you are as amused as us. If your doggo does the same, please share photos in the comments below. We love to hear from your side. Also, show these to your loved ones and brighten up their day!


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