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16 Photos Of Dogs With Other Animals That Prove They Can be Anyone’s Friend

Not only human’s best buddy.

Dogs are the most sweetest and intelligent animals ever. I have yet to discover an animal that has all the wonderful qualities of a dog. Dogs can be overly protective and aggressive but they are also calm and careful. They are known for their renowned loyalty. They can also be sensitive sometimes and act like babies only to receive your love because they are clever little things. Dogs are playful as well as helpful. They learn things quickly and are easy to train, their obedience is incomparable. There are just so many amazing qualities in dogs, it would take me a whole day to enlist all of them. No wonder, why there are so many dog lovers out there. Because on top of them all, they are the most lovable creatures ever. Dogs give us the best of themselves, they shower us with unconditional and endless love, companionship and affection. They are the best friends we could ever ask for because the amount of love and concern they have for us is no less than our human best friends, if not more.


Today, I am here to prove to you that dogs are not only human’s best buddy but they are so friendly, they can be anyone’s friend. Yeah, any animal. You name it, we have seen dogs getting along with them. To say they just get along with other animals would be an understatement, I believe dogs love their different species siblings just as much as they love their owners. I speak the truth because of my own experience in this situation, I have had my dogs living with my cats and hens. There was nothing but love between all of them. There is a stereotype about dogs and cats not getting along but it is not completely true, it all depends on your training. I have said it once and I will say it again, it always depends on how a dog has been trained. If you know your dog is an aggressive one then it is understandable but mostly, they are chill with everyone. It is truly one of the dog’s best quality. I can not say the same thing about cats though, they are just living their best life, minding their own business. They barely even care about their owners, they do not have the time to waste on messing around with dogs. So, yeah, do not believe that stereotype. Train your dog to be friendly, polite and how to be careful with outsiders, that would do.

I have collected the most adorable photos of dogs and their cute interspecies friendships that will make you go aww and want to adopt a pair of unique duo too because that is surely how I feel after seeing the cutest dog with the cutest rabbit on the planet Earth. Opss, that was a spoiler. Keep on scrolling down to see what animals are the best friends of the dogs yourself…

1. Dog and hen. Oh, God, wow.


2. This dog and cat have something more than a friendship.



3. Dog and rabbit! They mess things up together, they get punishment together.



4. Dog and lamb. Yes, you heard it right.


5. I was today years old when I found out that dogs and seals can be friends.



6. Dog and chick, the adorable duo.



7. Another dog and cat.



8. Aww, a puppy and a bunny!



How extremely adorable wee these images? Oh, my God. I think I am more in love with dogs now. I mean look how calm, collected and relaxed they are. These pictures are really the sweetest thing on the internet today, warmed my heart. These images are teaching us that unusual and impossible things can be possible if we just try. They tell us that love has no rules. These images are giving us a great example of how even the most unusual friendships can last if we keep on trying. I never thought a dog could be friends with a bunny! I have never seen that happen and it has really amazed me, a lot. That dog and rabbit duo was definitely my favorite so far. Perfect duo. Both of these animals are super cute, I really feel like having a bunny as a pet now because why not? They are so adorable, duh, it is a bunny. Of course, it is the cutest fluff-ball ever. The dog and bunny duo is the favorite for me, I am rooting for their friendship. I do not even have the words to describe how strangely cute the friendship of hen with the dog is. It is definitely shocking but extremely cute. All of these wonderful portrayals of companionship between different species is so beautiful and meaningful to me, it has affected me deeply. It has a deep message of love and harmony hidden in it if you just try to dig in deep, you will understand it. Guess what guys, we are not done yet. In fact, we are only halfway through. We have some more great examples of friendships of dogs with other animals to show you, just keep on scrolling down and you will see…

9. Here is another pair of bunnies with doggo!



10. Just a kitten chilling with big doggo buddies.



11. Ducks and dogs. Beautiful.


12. Turtle with dog?! Amazing.



13. Oh, my heart! This deer and dog are so cute.


14. A cute little tortoise with his friend dog.



15. Ah, the best of them all. Am I right or am I right?


16. Rat and dog. This is the most least expected friendship.



Raise your hands if you are thinking about getting another animal for your dog from this collection of pictures as a pet so you can have the perfect cute duo too. Believe me, I am very much tempted right now as well. I just can not seem to control myself, I really want a bunny. They are so adorable, dainty, small, soft and calm. I think after cats and dogs, I have finally found my favorite animal. I can not help it, dogs have to be on top of the list. Always. These images were so cute that I am actually in love with all of these animals, to be honest. I am sure you guys loved these unique friendships of dogs with other animals as much as I did. Tell us which iconic duo was your favorite in the comments down below…


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