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17 Wholesome Pictures of Cats And Dogs Cuddling To Lower Your Blood Pressure

It is a well-known fact that when it comes to dogs and cats, they have always been rivals ever since. They are hardly seen at peace. The cats prefer and enjoys their own personal space while the dogs, well, they just love invading the privacy due to their playful and curious nature. This ignites an ever-ending conflict. We often also give examples of ‘fighting like cats and dogs’ while referring to a quarrel, which clearly shows that these two furries do not seem to get along too well.

However, there are rare moments where domestic pets seem to have been bearing each other pretty well. Cuddles and snuggles are part of the daily routine so are usual fights, but that’s okay as far as they aren’t in the nick of killing each other. But one thing is for sure, that these moments will melt your heart!

Here we’ve compiled a few Catto-doggo love duos which will brush off all your worries and for sure release some endorphins! So let’s just get down to it now, shall we?

1. Perks of having a dog and a cat both as pets, you get to enjoy a double dose of cuteness

via clt96 via Reddit

We’re cute and we know it!

2. All you need for a peaceful sleep, are cat cuddles

via IPMANCOMBO via Reddit

“Color-coordinated for maximum adorableness”

3. Hurry human, take a picture

via wonder-woman-wanna-b via Reddit

Hey cat, say CHEESEEEE

4. Not all angels have wings, some have whiskers

via bijou_x via Reddit

Haven’t seen something this soothing in days!

5. “It’s not what it looks like”

via catsmeowethh via Reddit

We were just playing around…

6. Can you let us sleep peacefully, for once?

via Jollyboy8D via Reddit

Nope, Thanks fur letting me capture the memory though!

7. My muffled furry treasure

via 4reddits via Reddit

Cozying up for our favorite Tv show

8. Having a moment there

via brikitch via Reddit

Doggo: You’re cute

kitty: No, you are!

If they become friends once, they’ll fur-ever be friends… From hours of playing together to resting together once tired. Your cat might just jump into your dog’s bed claiming it to be more comfortable, well, that’s totally fine since they’re friends and friends share almost everything!

Keep rolling down to see more of the floofy cuteness coming your way. Your bad day is gone by the time you reach the end of the article…

9. Caught red-handed

via Megalodon_tha_Don via Reddit

I’ll rather come by later…

10. Hi we came to wake you up

via forthepuppy via Reddit

11. Can you guys purr-ease stop being so woofing-ly adorable?

via brikitch via Reddit

The moment every cat-dog parent craves for

12. “Oh my dog, a kitten? For me?”

via 10to-the-101 via Reddit

I woof him

13. Stay away from my cat

via hotrumhamwater via Reddit

I will always protect you, my meow friend…

14. When you have to pee but bae is sleeping on your arm

via whydidimakeareddit30 via Reddit


15. Snuggles

via FJCU via Reddit

16. The perfect couple photo

via CalypsoTheKitty via Reddit

We’re at ceasefire these days…

17. He falls off the bed while sleeping so I have to make sure he’s safe

via IAmASimulation via Reddit

How pure is this love? It’s not assured that the two of them will tolerate each other that well but if you introduce them to each other sooner than later, they’ll eventually become close and be friends for sure. Just let the two explore each other and give them time to get along rather than forcing them to stay together in the same room and play.

If you randomly ever found your pets snuggling ‘n’ cuddling around during the day and were lucky enough to save it to your camera roll, do share it with us as we’ll love an extra dose of serotonin to lower our blood pressure!


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