17 People Who Went Too Far By Bringing Their Emotional Support Animals On Flights

Emotional support animal provides company to a person with some form of disability.

The concept behind emotional support animal is very convincing. Animals provide us with best company and have good effects on both, our mind and body. They reduce stress and anxiety hence, help people in coping with their mental illnesses. The idea of Emotional Support Animals or ESAs gained popularity in recent times when people came to know about these benefits of owning a pet. The main purpose of an emotional support animal is to provide some benefit to a person with disability. Pets make people more calm and happy and that is why they are important to cope with at least one aspect of the disability.


People with any form of disability are advised by the medical professionals to keep their emotional support animal with them especially during the time of stress. And, as flying cause distress and anxiety to many people, various airlines allow these animals to fly with their owners too. While, the idea is appreciated by many, there are some who think of it as going too far. We have compiled a list of animals that were brought to the airlines by their owners and went viral all over the internet.

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#1 This duck was on a flight and people came up with mixed responses.

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#2 This girl was forced to flush her emotional-animal hamster down the toilet by Spirit Airlines.

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Pets also help people to deal with their trauma. They help lowering blood pressure in human body and improve the ability to cope pain. Many people learn to reciprocate love after they own a pet as there’s an exchange of unconditional love between their pets and them. Also, they make people feel less isolated or lonely.

#3 “A customer tried to bring a baby kangaroo on the plane as a service animal,” a retired airline customer service agent told.

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#4 This lady has peacock as her emotional support animal. Weird, right?

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#5 Why not..

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#6 Unparalleled love.

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#7 Well, that does look a bit crazy.

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#8 Emotional-support kangaroo.


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#9 “MONKEY BUSINESS! Meet Gizmo who stirred all that trouble on a #LasVegas bound Frontier Airlines flight”

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#10 “Richard, a bonnet macaque monkey, belongs to Debby Rose, who suffers from agoraphobia, the fear of places and situations that causes panic, helplessness, or embarrassment. She brings her monkey everywhere and will even drive with him in the front seat.”

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#11 Seems like kangaroos are quite favorite for emotional support.

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#12 Pig on a flight.

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#13 Pigs do fly.

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#14 Piggy pilot.

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#15 Pony on a flight.

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#16 Emotional-support pony.

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#17 This turkey’s gonna fly.

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