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Woman Finds Family Of Bobcat Lounging On Her Front Porch And Captures The Magical Moment

Wild or not, all cats are the same.

We all are mostly well educated when it comes to cats because of how common of an animal they are. Cats are literally everywhere. Cats are loved everywhere. We all know what cats do and what cats are like. We know all about their lazy and cute behavior, their arrogant and elegant attitude, their majestic lifestyle and their playfulness. cats are such unique and unpredictable animals. One moment they are super sweet and the next they will give you death glares. This is just how they are. Moody creatures but we all love them anyway. It is undeniably true that these creatures are one of the most loved animals on this planet, they are the top choice when it comes to having a pet because of their friendliness and they are the cutest creatures to ever exist. They are so charming, you just can not help yourself but fall in love with them. Cats know how to cast a spell on a person and make them fall into their trap of love. Once you have unknowingly fallen in love with a cat, you just can not move on from that. You are eternally trapped to love cats for life.


There are so many different kinds of cats and breeds of cats that are all equally attractive and beautiful in their own way. Then there are wild cats such as lions, tigers, cheetah, lynx, caracal, bobcat and felinae. Even though they all are cats as well but they are also very dangerous. Some might find them cute and some find them scary but they are actually the combination of both. It is rare to see these creatures and to interact with them is even rarer because of the harm they can cause to humans, it is better to keep your distance from them for the sake of both of your lives. The artist Kathy Maniscalco was lucky enough to witness and film the family of bobcats she found on her doorstep. Not only it is shocking to hear but a very rare situation too. Keep on scrolling down to hear Kathy’s whole experience with the bobcats lounging on her front porch…

1. Here is the beautiful family of bobcats. This is such an amazing image!

Image Credit: Kathy Maniscalco

2. They look cute as kittens and wild as lions at the same time.


3. They are chilling!


4. Oh, they are tired now after playing all day.


5. Here is the video that Kathy captured of the adorable bobcat family.

Kathy posted a series of photos and videos of a bobcat’s family who decided to lounge in her garden and on her front porch to nap and play for a few hours. Believe me, these images are extremely wholesome and cute. Everything about this bobcat and her babies is just super adorable. I thought I loved all kinds of cats equally but it was before I saw this sweet video of bobcats. I think now I definitely have my favorite specific kind of cat that I love the most. The mother bobcat came along with her insanely cute five kittens which obviously shocked Kathy, the owner of the house in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Imagine waking up one day and going to relax in the chair on your front porch just to see a wild cat’s family already chilling there. Not one wild cat but actually six of them. As terrifying as it sounds, I bet it was cute, special and, of course, a once-in-a-lifetime kind of moment for her to experience. Kathy told that three out of five of the baby wild cats were actually sitting on the wall casually with their mother and the other two of them were on the porch, lounging. She also said that one of the two was definitely not scared to go upstairs all alone. That one seemed fearless and playful out of all of the baby bobcats. The others looked just exhausted as if they all had a very hard week at work. Kathy being an artist mentioned that she came up with the thought of turning one of these beautiful bobcat’s family pictures into a painting in the future. The artist also videos she captured of the Bobcat family through a window in her house that allows her to see her front porch. Kathy told KOB4 all about the playful encounter of babies of the bobcat in a phone interview. Keep on scrolling down to read more…

5. They are the cutest bobcat family ever!

“Oh, lo and behold, there were babies, babies who were having their milk snack. I thought, ‘Oh, this is too good to be true! What a gift! “So I kept recording little video clips and they stopped feeding and then they started, in another video I posted, they started playing,” Said Kathy.


6. They are so playful, such an adorable sight.


7. This is definitely mama’s boy.

“We got to see their beautiful spotted bellies and the mom who was cleaning them and it was so amazing. I couldn’t believe my eyes because I was literally 6 inches away from them. They didn’t care at all that my iPhone recorded them.”


8. Hello there, cutie.

“And they were so peaceful and I thought, “This is a message that maybe we can all relax.”


The family of the bobcat moved out of Kathy’s house after four hours of napping, playing and feeding. They all really seemed like they enjoy their calm and undisturbed stay at Kathy’s house. When she posted this beautifully captured scene on her social networks, it immediately became a sensation as thousands of people on the internet fell in love with this beautiful moment that lucky Kathy got to experience. They all were glad along with Kathy that she got to film it and post it so others can enjoy it too. It is a scene straight out of Disney movies and we all are equally enchanted by these cute creatures. Have you ever seen a bobcat live? Have you ever had a similar experience with a wild animal? Let us know your stories in the comments down below…


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