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40 Fresh Memes From This Week To Help You Get Through Tough Life

Has it been a long day and you don’t feel like doing much because you are bored? Nothing seems fun? Been scrolling for hours now and couldn’t find a meme that made you laugh? Well, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. We’re about to take you on a hilairous journey by showing you some of THE BEST memes of today. So, sit back relax and enjoy.


Below we have collected 40 dank memes that will crack you up so much that your life won’t seem so boring anymore. So, scroll on below and let loose!

Such a heinous crime.

Credits: u/Hyper_Zombie

America is great.


Credits: u/i_eatbabies

“This is wildly inaccurate, while us Americans do look like Ronald McDonald, we actually weigh about 3 times his weight.” ~ idbinex

Apple is the new internet explorer.


Credits: u/_Just_Dynamite

Apple releases a new phone every other year with a “new” feature. Well, right after all the other companies have launched, earned and dumped that so-called “new” feature. Yeah, good boy apple, keep taking notes.

Words of wisdom.


Credits: u/thesmarmellus

That’s quite right. No meme is good or bad, it just needs the right time and place to be posted. Some of the great memers and netizens have witnessed many great memes die and revive over the past decade. While 2020, itself is a meme, unmindful to what tomorrow would bring, we have successfully made it to the mid of this year and every day has brought us a new quest and yes a new meme. Our future generations will have a sh*t load of memes to use from this year.

Always think big of yourself because that’s what defines you.


2020 revealed the true geniuses of the world.


*Tears flow on the inside.*


Credits: u/WildPyre009

Guess they had a little situation here in the past…


Credit: u/Space_Probe_One

Here’s what people said about this one:

“The Right Hotdog In The Wrong Place can change Things, Mr.Freeman” ~ MikeTheMemest

“One time at the swimming pool a kid threw up in the shallow end and out came an entire hot dog. Nothing else, just a hot dog” ~ PaidActor47

“I’m amazed how people eat all there life but still don’t know how to chew” ~ Muffin_cat2134

Sometimes cartoons are based on reality. Not everything is fiction.


Credits: u/shailyapatel

The world isn’t ending in 2020 due to some natural disaster or a pandemic but definitely because of these dumba*s geniuses.


Credits: u/frawleyg

“Plus they only last for like two weeks before they explode.”

Credits: u/cunt_wizard12

“This sounds like a horror movie about a deformed Female cannibal cult or something ~ CoffeeAddictedIdiot

We can’t imagine a world without a fork. The unsung hero of our society.


Credits: u/Suspect_Falcon

Chocolate is chocolate.

Credits: u/YOUWHAT01

Ouch!! That hurts!


Credits: u/Ziftguy

Solider down… Or drown?

Credits: u/Divdude

Basically, every discussion forum ever?


Credits: u/Tiranotrom

That’s actually interesting…

Credits: u/Lucky598hour

Sounds a lot like a brown household…


Credits: u/borisbop69

“I.. I can’t take this anymore!” *Breaks down*

Credits: u/This-Guy-Memes

” Just one more game.”


Credits: u/Its-Spectral

“Ok guys one more game and then we’re done (repeat x200)” ~ Isaac-Surfs-The-Web

That sh*t is making history.

Credits: u/lemonkeboypeen

*Cries in British*


Credits: u/Androvium

Some powerful words.

Credits: u/DjaNikPro

“Shrek with the infinity gauntlet.Gosh Dammit 2020!” ~ XxYeet_BoixX

That’s quite relatable.

Credits: u/yoda-123

Also showing off her photoshop skills.

Credits: u/cheesytanker

“What did you just say?!”


Credits: u/Jacob_Calderr

You are the chosen one.


Credits: u/Charliedactyl12

Sad reacts only.

Credits: u/DumbStruck16

They just find new ways to fool people.


Credits: u/hex13b

” Oh, this is one good show!”

Credits: u/PeJae

“Yes! It’s always funny to see them looking in the woods despite her body lying next to me.” ~ BST734

*Cop takes out his revolver.*

Credits: u/MilkyChast

When there is no news to report.


Credits: u/AV_23

“Ignore all the world troubles and worries. We did it lads, the goat is happy.” ~ CptCeen22

Fun fact!

Credits: u/bombaybleach

“Run for your life! The poop monster is coming!!”

Credits: u/WillyWonka0523

Those people are not people yet weird creatures…


Credits: u/Skian_Hawks

A unique yet useful ven diagram.

Credits: u/OMGitscarl

Down the internet rabbit hole…

Credits: u/Caltover69420

Well, if you’re on the second page of google it means you are eagerly trying to find answers to something. The struggle is definitely real.

*Me who can’t sleep because I’m overthinking about this meme about not being able to sleep because I’m overthinking.*


Credits: u/abrasivetroop

“Reading this as it’s happening” ~ Freeze69420

Real hard work.

Credits: u/HarshJShinde

Never thought of “Zero” this way before… Sounds like a black hole.

Credits: u/Fuqubro

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