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18 Tricks Furry Coworkers Use To Distract Their Humans From Working At Home

Our pets hate it when we bring our work home. While we are home, they expect us to give them all our time and play with them endlessly. We have been doing it forever. But since the COVID-19 pandemic hit our doors, things have changed. We are always working on our laptops and we never get time to play with our babies. Working remotely can be a messy thing when your pet is a big attention seeker and cannot spend more than an hour without you. No matter how many times we try to explain it to them in our human language that we are busy, they do not understand. In these times you wish there was a translator who would explain to our furry animals what we mean in their animal language.

You would find them peaking from the edge of the table with their cute little eyes or you would find them sleeping on your keyboard. They have their ways to keep you from working! It makes sense. Home is for fun and play, not work!

Scroll below to see some adorable pictures of pets disturbing their humans while they work.

1. Hooman, did you really chose your work over me? Disappointing!

Via © sliverofoptimism / Reddit

2. Are you done with work already?

Via © Is_that_a_Titleist / Reddit

3. I’ll just distract my human from work by being cute.

Via © TeraTigerStudio / Twitter

4. Do I look professional enough?

Via © mrsmarblehead / Reddit

5. Busy day at work.

Via © atlantahumane / Reddit

6. Take a day off from work, human! Come cuddle with us instead.

Via © Dimilove / Imgur

7. It is hard to pay attention to work when these two pairs of eyes keep staring at you.

Via © flaccid_rein / Reddit

“Mabel insists that I give her feedback on her impression of Gandalf’s fall in The Fellowship of the Ring.

8. Keyboard is a place to lie down!!

Via © Katy_McEnergy / Twitter

9. Yes, keep sleeping! You can take a day off from work and spend the whole day with me instead.

Via © kermth / Reddit

10. Maybe this would keep my human form working for endless hours. I am worthy of more attention!

Via © OldmanShardyhands / Reddit

11. When your cat is angry for working all the time…

Via © bad******63 / Reddit

12. the Best way to distract my human from working is to lick their heads!

Via © theshifunator / Reddit

13. He was angry he was not getting enough attention from her human.

Via © IEX-NoAverageJoe / Reddit

14. Please play with me, human! I am bored.

Via © redpenrabbit / Twitter

15. Listen to your boss! Give me some treats!!

Via © BeWell_SUNYPoly / Twitter

16. I am going to wreck this stupid laptop!

Via © DWernerpbc / Twitter

17. At least sit between us and keep us company while you work!

Via © ianhailstone1 / Twitter

18. Your pet’s face whenever you work!

Via © tly0225 / reddit

I relate to all these pictures! It is reminding me of all the times when my cat walked in front of my laptop’s screen or slept on the top of the keyboard. The annoyance of our pets is always visible on their faces. How do we tell them that we feel bad for ignoring them too? There is nothing we want more than playing with them, but someone has to pay the bills. How else are we going to pay for their expensive treats?

Do you relate to this too? Share pictures of your pets disturbing you at work!


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