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Hilarious Tweets That Show How Wild It Is To Live With Cats

Living with cats can be wild.

I don’t mean it in the bad sense though. Life with cats is actually very fun. You get to live with your best friend every day, share all your stories with them, and cuddle with them when you’re tired. Plus, your cat is always going to be there for you. In your best days and your worst, they will be right by your side offering you their support. However, I’m just sugarcoating it right now. I’m just describing the big picture right now. Of course, life with cats is beautiful but it is also hilarious and very, very wild.


How is it wild? Well, if you have ever owned a cat, you would know that they can go from innocent-playful-baby to batshit crazy in a millisecond. Or should I say catshit crazy? If you don’t have a cat, here are a few hilarious tweets that show how wild it is to live with cats:

1. I want to name my cat Ham too.

Via bedsafely

2. Why do they do this?


Via focra/

3. He’s watching you.


Via granolagoth_/

4. Cats > Men


Via /Lynn_Coady/

5. I need to organise too since I have a hard time finding my cat.


Via AlsBoy

6. I am your father!


Via /tastefactory/

7. Panson is a chonky boi.


Via thoughtthief111

To be honest, cats can be really weird. You can never understand their behaviour no matter how many years you spend with them. There are just some things you will never get used to. Such as getting stomped in the stomach by your hyperactive cat at 3 AM, or them throwing everything off the table just because they feel like it. It’s always something new with these guys. Scroll down below for the rest of the tweets:

8. My heart melted at the sight of the cap.


Via clapifyoulikeme

9. This cat is living in 3020.


Via jennastoya

10. This is me trying to confess my feelings for someone.


11. I find random makeup from under the bed all the time.

12. This is just plain evil.

13. Honestly, this is how I bond with my cat as well.


14. So what? She’s being diet conscious that is all.

15. This is why I have trust issues.

Do you have a cat? Are they wild as well? Share your stories with us in the comments below!


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