Husband Wants Wife To Pay Him For Babysitting Their Daughter When She’s Not Home

Both the partners are responsible for making and breaking a relationship.

You can’t blame one person for everything wrong that happens in a relationship. But some people do not care about their relationship. They prioritize everything else on their relationship. A guy shared on Reddit that his wife has an interest in the horror movies while he can’t watch them because he gets scared after watching them. His wife is always in search of people who could watch horror movies with her.

OP’s neighbor had interest in horror movies so his wife and their neighbor started making plans together. They started watching movies together and asked OP to join them but OP refused to join them. OP stayed at home and looked after his daughter and their neighbor’s daughters. This started happening very often and OP was fed up so he asked to get paid for it. Scroll down for the complete story.

OP and his wife live in at a suburban house with their daughter.

OP’s wife likes watching horror movies but he does not like watching them because he gets scared. Walter likes horror movies so OP’s wife started making plans with him.

OP stays at home and babysit Emily and Walter’s daughters while OP’s wife and Walter go out for movies. Most of the times they watch movies at Walter’s house.

OP’s wife and Walter started going out for dinners too.

OP talked to his wife and Walter about the babysitting thing. Walter told OP that he is comfortable with him watching his girls instead of a babysitter. He also agreed to pay OP for babysitting.

OP thinks that it is a fair approach but his wife is against it. OP’s wife gets mad at him every time he talks about it.

We are surprised at the fact that OP is not bothered by her wife going out with his neighbor. It is obvious that his wife and his neighbor are dating and he is staying at home babysitting his daughter and his wife’s bf’s daughters. He wants to be paid for the babysitting but he would not try anything to spend time with his wife which is kind of weird. 

OP should not be surprised if his wife leaves him for Walter because he is not caring about his marriage.

What should OP’s neighbor pay him for?

OP chose to stay at home while they tried to involve him in their activities.

OP should start finding stuff that he can do with his wife instead of asking for a salary.

OP is pushing his wife into another man’s arms.

OP should get paid by his wife’s boyfriend.

Do you think OP’s wife and his neighbor are dating each other? Share your thoughts in the comment section down below!

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