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25 Independent Cats Who Took Life Into Their Own Paws And Found Themselves A Home

Cats live in their own bubble and do whatever pleases them. According to them, they are ruling this world and no one can do anything about it. And to be honest, we think the same. How can anyone not let these adorable little creatures rule the world? And we love and bear all the sassiness and bossiness they show. They have definitely taken over. So many times some random cat just takes over your garage and marks it as your territory. You may not be okay with it and your non-cat lovers’ family members will definitely not be okay with it, but there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop the cat. Sometimes cats start making visits to a random house that is not theirs regularly. Now, any sane person who sees an adorable cat outside would have the urge to feed the cat because we all know that is what the cats are there for. They just want food and treats from everyone! And it would be a total plus for them if someone starts caressing their tummies.


Not very surprisingly, these sneaky little creatures will make their way into your house and you won’t realize it until they are literally sitting next to you! They just claim space so naturally that you also have to go along with it as if you did not just get a shock. But do we mind? Not at all. Especially, cat lovers do not mind have a cat in the house even if it is not theirs and showed up randomly. And we all love to see other stories where cats have made such appearances.

So scroll down below and check out some adorable pictures of cats that sneaked their way into the house without the house owner even knowing.

1. “My house, not my cat. I’m puzzled.”

Via © Jessica Reed / facebook

With eyes that innocent, who would mind having a stranger cat over? Also, it seems like the dog and cat are getting along pretty well.

2. “I go to the living room and look over by the chair where Colby, one of my cats, is sitting. I look again and realize it’s not Colby so I figure it must be his identical brother, Jack. I look again and then realize it’s neither one of them.”

Via © caitycat86 / reddit

Professor McGonagall, is that you? This cat is staring as if her eyes are a meteor and planning to kill the world with it.

3. “I saw a homeless cat on my block sitting near the entrance to the basement. I said to him, ’Shall we go home?’ and started to walk up the stairs. The cat followed me.”

Via © AlekseyMB / pikabu

He got the cue, that is so insanely cute! He just followed the person home. Looks like these two were meant to meet. And just look at those different colored eyes. Beautiful.

“I opened the door and said, ’Please, come in.’ The cat jumped into my apartment, walked around, smelled everything, and stayed with me.”

4. “Our neighbors’ cat learned how to get into our bathroom. That’s how he sits while I take a bath.”

Via © Cass Boon / facebook

With a stare that sharp, I would freeze right there. Looks like the cat from Sabrina the witch showed up.

5. “My house, my husband, not my cat — he just came in and fell asleep like that.”

Via © Priscilla Rodrigues / facebook

Oh my God, such a cuddly cat! Wish we all could experience a random floofy cat sleeping in our lap.

6. “It was the last day of my vacation and I decided to go to work and see how things were going there. When I got to the parking lot, I saw a screaming kitten under my car.”

Via © Shuridze777 / pikabu

They just know how to lure you in.

“I grabbed the kitty and took him home. I instantly made posts in all the local social groups to find him a home. Then I thought about it for 10 minutes and removed all the posts. Now he lives with us and makes us happy every single day.”

7. “One fine evening, my husband went to the shop. On his way back, he called me and said, “Expect some guests.”

Via © Tullma / pikabu

Awww, what a precious little golden baby! She is really ruling the little kingdom she is standing on. It is completely hers!

“When he came in, there was a small trembling creature in his arms, burying his face. Turns out, this kitten followed my husband on one of the blocks and was crying. So they walked like this along a couple of blocks and eventually, my husband called me and said to expect a guest. The cat’s habit to keep his face buried remained until now.”

8. “My mother-in-law’s house — not her cat but this is now the cat’s toy and blanket.”

Via © Lauren Jaclyn Goldman / facebook.

Look at how territorial this cat is being with that toy that is not hers!

9. “I got a text from my husband saying, ’No, not happening, absolutely not, don’t even think about it.’ I was at work and very confused. Turns out, he was running late and as he opened the door to leave, a kitten ran inside.”

Via © Stephie Baugh / facebook

“I posted him on a bunch of sites and knocked on every door for 2 blocks in each direction. As you can see, he’s still with us.”

10. “I live on the ground floor and often keep the small window open. Once, at 3 a.m., I heard someone scratching the glass of my window. I came closer and saw a cat. I let him go outside, but the next day, he returned with the intention to stay and I didn’t object.”

Via © toigor / pikabu

The cats decide where they want to stay and this time it was this guy’s house.

11. “I came home and saw this chunk of fluff. My kids got a kitten, apparently.”

Via © Lori Parker / facebook

With those marble eyes, how can anyone turn this little baby away? No one. It should be a crime if someone does.

12. “There was a kitten sitting under my window. Once he saw me, he came into my arms. I got scared that he was sick or something, put him back on the ground, and ran home. In a minute, I heard this cat crying at my front door. Meet Blacky!”

Via © dagelo / pikabu

What magnificent fur! If crying hysterically over a cat’s beauty is a crime, then arrest me!

13. “We saw this beautiful big-faced tabby hanging out in the backyard. We decided to let him in. Biggy is very affectionate and loyal, and he gets along great with our 3 poodles.”

Via © Larry AndMarie Boehm / facebook

Poodles just got a brother!

14. “I was making coffee and heard a strange sound coming from outside. Opened the curtains to find this ginger clinging to my screen, crying to be let in. ”

Via © Mackenzie Clippard / facebook

Ginger decided it needed new parents. “How could I resist?! Of course, I let him in.”

He did it right!

15. “Once, a stray cat came up to me on the street and put this fluff to my feet. This is what the fluff grew into. The cat needed a home and he got one.”

Via © NedotrogaLi / pikabu

Cat is ready for the selfie!

16. “Taken from my parents’ kitchen window — they don’t have any cats.”

Via © AllHanceOnDeck / reddit

These cats are not coming slowly. Look at the absolute mess of a cat the one on the branch is. The one on the ground looks like such an innocent baby in comparison to one on the verge of fall!

17. “It’s been 2 months since I picked him up from the street. I can’t understand why no one wanted this big ball of love.”

Via © vviktor424 / pikabu

Wow, this baby is such a big cuddler. We all need our cats like this!

18. “We found a cat on our bed. He helped me collect my fishing gear, and I’m sure we just have to keep him now.”

Via © Darryl Elliott / facebook© Darryl Elliott / facebook

Cats that help you fishing are the ones, guys! This cat’s love language is acts of service.

19. “I was on my way home when a cat jumped out of a garbage bin and started to follow me. She entered my home, ate some food, and sat on my arms. Then I went outside and let her go. Once I came back home, I instantly turned around and ran outside but the cat wasn’t there.”

Via © IAmBrute / pikabu

“I was running around our block for 15 minutes calling for the cat. Unable to find her, I left home. Then she suddenly jumped from behind a school and followed me again. After 2 weeks of training her to live in an apartment, it turned out that a cat from a garbage bin is ideal.”

I love how this person literally looked everywhere for the cat and actually spent 2 weeks on her training.

20. “I was on a half-empty suburban bus. Suddenly, I noticed a red spot running around the bus. It was a kitten, all dirty in some kind of machine oil. Suddenly, he jumped onto the seat next to me.”

Via © jumbo05 / pikabu

She looks like a salmon baby but they decided to name her Dusya. Dusya is a cute name too. “We called her Dusya. She still has leftovers of the machine oil, fuel oil, or whatever she got smeared in. And yes, it’s my cat. She perceives only me as her owner.”

21. “She will come around for food and try to sneak inside the house to play with my 2 cats, but she is still very fearful of my presence and doesn’t let anybody near her. Someday we will be friends! I named her Margaret.”

Via © Frankie Lynn / facebook

22. “My husband built a summer house and on the very first day, a slim cat appeared in it. She didn’t let us touch her a lot but at the same time, was never late for lunch.”

Via © Mymotivation / pikabu

“In September, she suddenly decided that she was going to live in our home. We’d barely open the door and she’d instantly sneak inside and rush to her food bowl. Afterward, she would disappear into the rooms so that we had to look for her for several hours. Eventually, we surrendered and kept her with us.”

She knew her priorities and one day decided to take over the house too.

23. “She silently followed me through the front door, then jumped on the sofa. Took me by complete surprise. She had no collar, so I decided to call her Miss Pring.”

Via © Laura Litster / facebook

24. “I went to another town for work. When I was walking along a street, some kitten appeared near my feet. I pet him and went to my car. Once I opened the door, the fluffy thing ran inside with me.”

Via © axegrin / pikabu

“He instantly went on the passenger seat and fell asleep. I called my wife and asked if she wanted a kitten. She asked, ’Is that a girl or a boy?’ I checked and said it was a tomcat but not handsome at all. She replied, ’Okay, bring him.’ I had a whole working day ahead and he was with me in the car all this time, sleeping either on the seat or on my lap. Now he’s a beautiful black cat whose eyes are a bit crossed but it doesn’t bother him.”

25. “Last month my cat disappeared. A week ago, I found him and brought him home. Today my cat came back. Now I have 2 identical cats.”

Via © gatitos_qctd / twiiter

What an absolute score! These floofy twinnies just stole all our hearts. All the people who get cats unexpectedly are so lucky! Some people are so cruel with cats, though. They start shouting at stray cats and scare them away. It is absolutely touching to know that so many cat lovers exist in the world and treat cats with so much kindness and love. They welcome random stray cats into their homes with open arms. Even if someone’s partner does not approve, even then they somehow make room for such precious creatures.

Have you had any such experiences with random cats sneaking into your house?


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