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50 Hardworking Independent Dogs That Don’t Need Humans To Pay For Their Bills

Apart from being cute and adorable, our canine friends are serving the world and trying to make it better.

We always say that dogs are so lucky; they do not have to go to job every day but no this is not true. There are dogs who have actual jobs, who serve the world and try to make this world a better place. A subreddit with the name “Dogs With Jobs” is dedicated to appreciate the dogs who work. These doggos are working as rescue dogs, therapy dogs, guide dogs, serviced dogs and K-9 dogs. Today, we have compiled 50 adorable and wholesome photos of dogs with jobs. So, scroll down and enjoy!


1. This dog works at the counter of the local print shop:

Via: Gabriel_NDG

2. “The Vancouver Police Department made a police dog calendar. This badass photo of a K9 and its handler is in it.”


Via: gangbangkang

These bad bois are too good for this photo.

3. “I was laughing and my dog thought I was hyperventilating and got me my emergency inhaler. Thanks pal? LOL.”


Via: ohnorosa

This boi is prepared for all kinds of emergency situations.

4. We are sure they are making their owners proud:


Via: mikewall

5. “Bretagne. The last known 9/11 search and rescue dog, died at age 16. The goodest girl.”


Via: fulleffect7737

She looks so proud of herself!

6. “Blind owner Michael Hingson with his guide dog Roselle, who led him and 30 others down 78 stories out of the World Trade Center on 9/11”


Via: unknown_human

7. “This is Ronny from Ohio Highway Patrol. He tried really hard for his picture okay don’t make fun of him”


Via: k0ella

Ronny is trying his best to look tough but we can all see his cute smile.

8. A pair of dogs guard a colony of tiny penguins and now their population has increased to 200.



9. This guy deserves a raise:


Via: getahaircut8

10. “Take your kid to work day (therapy dog edition)”


Via: BiggieBoiTroy

11. “It’s been 1 year since I laid Molly to rest. She’s credited with finding the remains of 62 different US soldiers. So their bodies could be brought back to their families. She was my best friend she was my comforter and she was my antidepressant. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about her.”

Via: Prometheus0822

This dog was a superhero.

12. They look so happy after completing their job:


Via: Houseplatho

13. “This is Benny. He was the therapy dog at the middle school in the town I live. He’s being forced into retirement because of his health. I guess I just wanted the world to know about this wonderful pupper.”

Via: pancakesfordintonite

He has played his part and we love him for his selfless contributions.

14. A rescue 9/11 dog trying to find the survivors:


Via: seesquaredd

15. Meet Morty. He was deployed in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. This brave boi jumped 30 feet out of a helicopter because he caught the smell of someone in need.

Via: gangbangkang

16. “Last night, in my city, K-9 Riley died taking down an armed suspect. He was 5 years old and had been in-service for 3 years. An officer also died at the scene. Can we take a moment to give thanks for dogs like Riley who die in the line of duty in order to protect us? RIP Riley. “


Via: greentofu402

17. Look at these punctual therapists:

Via: DisDudeForReal

18. The most photogenic guide dog we have ever seen:


Via: bitchyswiftie

19. This good boy comforts kids and helps them testify in court:

Via: et-tuBrute

20. K-9 doggos at their training:

Via: duuuk

The way they have kept their paws on the desk is so cute.

21. “This is Arty, he is in training to be a service or therapy dog. At this rate, probably a therapy dog.”

Via: Filleroftoilets

22. “This is Bill. Yesterday he had his first day of training to be my medical alert dog. He’s going to be the first medical alert dog for my illness in Australia and will learn how to save my life. Here he is wearing an assistance dog coat and visiting a shopping center for the first time :)”


Via: Filleroftoilets

23. “On 9/11, we would like to honor the men, women, and K9s that risked and lost their lives.”

Via: exploreorg

24. “My hometown PD threw this brave officer a birthday party. Happy birthday, Max!”

Via: everdayday

25. “My boy, Teddy, is the official greeter at my store. He comes with his own FAQ.”

Via: tropicalmedly

26. “Goodboi doggo, Uuno, works very hard as a video game developer.”

Via: Remember__Me

Dogs are faithful; they never shy away from sacrificing their lives for their owners. They would see you laughing and bring your inhaler for the emergency situation. They would alarm you about emergency situations and would always help the ones who are in need.

27. “That’s called a selective snooot”


Via: EXIDFanboy

28. Meet Frannie, she is the assistant of a lawyer:

Via: Dronesandwildshit

29. “Meet Aunt B, a young mini doodle with a very important job. She works for funeral homes, as a comfort dog for people who’ve lost loved ones. Her life is filled with love as she brings love to all. 100/10 for this compassionate woof.”


Via: mac_is_crack

30. “Remember the dog that appeared on the frontpage being rescued during a flood in Mexico? They adopted it and is now in training to be a rescue dog”

Via: GuyWithoutModem

31. Lifeguards in Croatia at work ready to save lives:

Via: Fitbumblebee

32. “Supervisor Dog monitors your lunch breaks”


Via: jmascoli

33. “Where was Jessie when I got an MRI”

Via: MathBlur

34. “I volunteered to be a patient for a research study on the effects of dog therapy for depression. This is Thor, I’ll be working with him until the end of the study, he’s been making me feel better.”

Via: blargennflargenn

35. “My buddies dog who is trained to dig up Sea Turtle nests so they can be safely incubated and set free after the hatch.”


Via: imjustadudeguy

36. “He goes in for surgery tomorrow on an unknown lump on his back. Please send love. He is my world and many others, as a therapy dog.”

Via: allygadget

37. “”Mission complete” for Sully, George H. W. Bush’s service dog”

Via: ExpectoPentium

38. This is the best pillow that I need for my chair:


Via: AnoushkaChopra

39. Employee of the month award goes to MEEKA:

Via: Mrs_WillieStroker

40. Jax, the official stamp licker:

Via: leonardodankvinci

41. “This is Razor, a retired IED sniffer dog who worked in Afghanistan and visited our school today. Good boy level: over 9000!”


Via: Iawnmoher

42. Orientation time:

Via: Whitlow14

43. “This is Elvis, who holds the very specialized job of polar bear pregnancy sniffer. He can detect pregnancy in polar bear poop with 97% accuracy!”

Via: CatPooedInMyShoe

44. This doggo who works at the local hardware shop, follows the customers around and takes their items to the counter:


Via: Kuma_Paws_376

45. This doggo sniffs a deadly disease:

Via: Stegosaurus_Peas

46. Protecting from the back:

Via: PHPApple

47. “A bored sniffer dog, complete with blep”


Via: mac_is_crack

48. “Meet Bród and Shadow, the President of Ireland’s two bodyguards”

Via: HouseSelmy

49. “A friendly bomb sniffing pupper at Congress wearing booties to protect his paws from broken glass”

Via: StartRunMspaint

50. “Not all dogs have wholesome jobs”

Via: Whitlow14

We hope you enjoyed, upvote for your favorite ones from this list! And if you know any working doggo, share its photo with us in the comment section down below!


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