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17 Smol Kittens Hanging Out In Pockets

Anyone who has ever adopted cats in their life knows that cats are absolutely obsessed with cosy places. You will find them in your drawer, in your cupboard, and in your cabinets. You might even see them sleeping under a sofa. In winters, you will find them snuggling inside the blanket in the morning. Blankets are their most favorite places to be. So many times we have heard of cat owners going all over their house to find their cat who is nowhere to be found, and end up finding their little munchkin tucked under a blanket. It is the most adorable thing ever. It just shows how cuddly the cats are and how much they like places that are filled with warmth.


It is easier for cats to sneak into smaller and cozy places when they are tiny. Tiny kittens are the sweetest to be around. It becomes so hard to find them sometimes because they are so little, they could fit in anywhere. So they choose to be in places that our naked eyes don’t even pay much attention to. Luckily, sometimes they decide to cozy up in our clothes and we get to take them wherever we go. Anyways, we have collected 17 images of cats who decided to hop into the pockets of their human pants. Scroll below to take in all the cuteness!

1. Golden baby

Via odex_Dresden via Reddit

Aww, this cat is so cute! Look at the way it has calmly placed its tiny little hands in the human’s hands. Only when you put their hands on yours, you realize how tiny these creatures are.

2. I am helping my dad with cooking!

Via BeatByAGirl via Reddit

We love cat chefs! If a rat can cook, then so can a cat. Just look at those marble eyes, they are overloaded with cuteness!

3. Mini doctors!

Via theclearlydope via tumblr

Wow, this is surely cat heaven! I call this guy the luckiest person on this planet to be in the presence of the three cutest mini doctors.

4. I am tiny but I scratch!

Via _dabbed via Reddit

This little devil was trying to show its strength by taking out its tiny sharp names. This hoodie and the cat were meant to be. Just look at how they are colour coordinating!

5. This hoodie is my bed!

Via _Ukey_ via Reddit

Seeing a cat sleep is the more cherishable thing to witness ever. Look at those little ears perked up and eyes almost shut. I am having the strongest urge to cry because this cuteness is overloading and I am unable to digest it.

6. Hoodie snuggle!

Via dargaman via Reddit

Remember when I was telling you above about how hoodies are a cat’s favourite place? Here is the proof. If you are adopting a cat, your hoodies are no longer yours. It is okay if you do not have a romantic partner to share your hoodies with. Your cat will play that part!

7. Woopsie!

Via Squid_ProRow via Reddi

I love my mom’s wool sweater. It is my favourite sweater and I want to spend the rest of the winters inside this tiny picket!

8. Where did my body go?

Via SaltySpouses via Reddit

If your cat keeps coming in front of your laptop’s screen during your online class, you know what to do! Get a jacket with pockets and put your cat inside the pocket. They will enjoy the cosy pocket and you can take your class in peace.

9. Officially the most adorable cat ever!


I am literally screaming by just looking at this video! How could a tiny creature exhibit so much cuteness? I want to live in a house full of cats this tiny and this adorable!

10. I prefer plaided shirts

Via thegreetingbean via Reddit

Just look at this fluffy little thing and its hand hanging from the pocket! It is a complete shame we cannot take cats to our office. If anything, cats would only make workplaces a better and brighter place in comparison to the dull environment they have.

11. I am wearing a dungaree today!

Via Slappy-Noot via Reddit

This little cat wanted to wear something cool today so the cat owner decided to put him inside a dungaree.

12. Overtake the hoodie!

Via cojothelamb via Reddit

We love it when our cats are so tiny that they fit into our hoodie’s hood!

13. New vet in town!

Via woodend3442 via Reddit
Advertisement by UDM

I pledge to treat all my fellow cats professionally and responsibly!

14. I sleep better inside a pocket

Via  MrkPrchzzIII via Reddit

How adorable! For some reason, the urge to hug tiny cats is always greater but they are so delicate, we have to be careful around them.

15. Do you need any drink with that?

Via LakaiMi749 via Reddit

I am on a diet, but if any cat this tiny asks me for even a 1000 calorie meal, I would gladly eat it!

16. Cat inside a cat-inspired hoodie!

Via Cpt_Capooso via Reddit

I outgrew the smaller pockets so my mommy got a jacket with a bigger pocket so I could fit into it while she works around the house

17. I belong inside my human’s zipper jacket!

Via MrkPrchzzIII via Reddit

This is the best way to spend the whole day with your little kitten. You can wear a zipper jacket and keep your baby inside it. Listen to songs on your way and keep your baby safe. Sounds like the best day ever!

These were some of the cutest cats to exist on this planet! I cannot believe we get to be in the presence of such beautiful creatures. They let us love them, feel them, hug them and place little kisses on their head! They grow up to be grumpy sometimes but also cuddle with us to make up for all that grumpiness. Even though they wake us up at 6 am and partly ruin our good REM sleep, we still love them to death! This world can have as many cats as possible and it still would not be enough. We should file a petition to the higher entity to replace some irrelevant humans with cats. The world would be a much better place.

Why don’t you share the pictures of your cat cosying up inside a pocket down in the comments section below!


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