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15 Hilarious Pictures Of Cats Faceplanting That Accurately Depicts Your Mood

Have you ever noticed your cat smashing its face in different things around the house, like a pillow or sofa? Cats are always craving warmth and comfort. If they find their place of comfort, they will probably mark it their territory and sit there for the rest of the years around that place. But squishing their faces into stuff is different. It could be anything at all. Or maybe they’re just very shy and want to hide from the constant attention they get from you and your loving family members.

Another reason could be that they broke something in the house and are now hiding their face in embarrassment. Watch out, it could be something very precious and you would not even get an apology. All you will get is the teary eyes with an innocent face saying, “Mommy, don’t scold me. I am tiny”.

In our today’s menu, we have collected the most adorable pictures of 15 cats faceplanting and it’s going to be one of the cutest and funniest collections that you might have seen in a while. So, are we ready? Let’s start!

1. I don’t feel like doing anything at all today…or ever!

Via feddeftones via Reddit

2. Umm… where’s the face?


Awww, I almost thought this little one was a bunny. Look at those ears and mixed colour. It should definitely be named bunny at least.

3. “When Etta plants, she doesn’t mess around.”

Via Van-Goghst via Reddit

4. Who turned on the light!?

Via squareincolour via Reddit

5. I broke a vase and now I am in hiding!

Via valdelaseras via Reddit

Ugh, this chair’s back is such a good place for face-planting.

6. “Frannie faceplants every morning in front of my monitor while I’m working from home.”

Via rosalinds-cat via Reddit

I am just smashing my face in anger. My mommy works all the time and has ruined all my expectations. Now that she was spending every day at home, I was expecting to get some more attention. But instead, this computer has stolen my mummy from me!

7. So that’s how you wear a shoe… hmm interesting.

Via iskricka via Reddit

The inside of the shoe is usually so warm, no wonder this cat feels comfortable putting her head in it.

8. Ever seen a cat faceplanting on another cat? Well, here you go.

Via that_hannahgirl via Reddi

Did not find a pillow or bed in this huge house, so I smashed my face in my sibling’s comfy fur.

9. So comfy.

Via Kori52 via Reddit

This seat is reserved for this little one. It has its name written on it. Anyone who wants to sit on the chair should first seek permission from the owner of this chair, which is this cat.

10. I can faceplant wherever I want, who are you to judge?

Via TheoMerca via Reddi

11. “My buddy Balou definitely belongs here”

Via Disastrous_Sir125 via Reddit

If this is how cute cats are going to look with their faces smushed inside a bed, we do not mind at all!

12. So that’s what a faceplant looks like from above.

Via  youngpattybouvier via Reddit

What an absolute beauty. We love us some chunky cats!

13. “Dimitri sleeping on the day he was adopted.”

Via xbya via Reddit

Awww, look at this little munchkin. Its face is so tiny and we easily wrap our palms around it. She must be feeling so comfortable in that big blanket.

14. “Pumpkin goes splat.”

Via cyberentomology via Reddit

Oh my God, this baby looks like a loaf of bread! If its ears were not noticeable, I would have totally been fooled.

15. “I shooed him off my lap and…”

Via speedycat2014 via Reddit

This one decided to take over the sofa and smush himself in the big pillow!

I cannot get enough of these pictures. Cats are the cutest beings in this universe. The fact that everything they do makes you love them, even more, is insane! Send us a picture of your cat’s faceplanting into a pillow!


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