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16 Wholesome Pics To Remind Us That Love Is Everywhere

Have you ever wondered what the most essential component of a happy life is? It’s  LOVE! Yes, the answer is pretty simple yet the hardest and heaviest word it is. It is impossible to put into words the feelings of love and affection that exist between two beings. Neither one can communicate their affection through expressions or words. It’s all that comes directly from the heart and touches the souls of those who are close to you. We did an internet search to figure out the exact definition of love, but to be completely honest, we were left speechless after viewing some of these photographs, which accurately depict the feelings and definition of love and devotion.


Want to have a look at these adorable pictures? Then just keep scrolling down to check out the heartwarming images that will make you realize that love can be found in each and every corner of this universe!

1. We can feel the love here!

Via aytavira/reddit

“I haven’t seen my dog in a few days, this was his reaction for 5 minutes straight.”

2. Brothers are the most evil yet loveliest person one can have.

Via maluma/Instragram

3. A Purr-fect love Story!

Via xDhaoticCisaster/reddit

“Our cats truly love each other.”

4. It’s a true blessing to see your Mom so happy!

Via A_Fine_Potato/reddit

“My mom loves animals and she met a cute dog.”

5. Together Forever!

Via shakira/Instagram


6. WARNING: You are about to see the most heartwarming picture on the internet today!

Via Guinean/reddit

“Here’s my brother’s look when we gave his niece to him. I almost cried.”

7. She’s curling up on a fluffy and cozy pillow!

Via selenagomez/Instagram

“My happy place”

8. Happiest grandma on lunch with sassy hairdo!

Via Devyn333/reddit

“Took my grandma out to lunch. Isn’t she just radiant?”

We’re sure you’ll be swooning over these images!

In the case that you have ever had any doubts about the quantity of love that is still there in this world, all you need to do is look around yourself and observe the surroundings. Not only your surroundings but also have a look at the animal kingdom to discover that it is actually filled with love! It is obvious in almost every form of life, from human beings to birds to mammals and even insects, that love has the ability to transform.

Check out more lovely photos to make your day brighter and better!

9. This newly adopted kitty is already in love with humans.

Via Diarrhea_Dispenser/reddit

“This is Fin, our new kitten, and I love him.”

10. Perfect way to express your love.

Via haileybieber/Instagram

“Merry Christmas from me and mine to you and yours.”

11. Kids have a pure spirit and a kind heart.

Via phenols/reddit

“Watching a movie and my 5-year-old put his hand on mine, looked at me, and said, ’I love you, Daddy. You’re a good dad.’”

12. Heart-To-Heart Deep Talks!

Via Helen__Hayes/reddit

“Will it be a friendship?”

13. Fluffy Cuddles!

Via MoonMan420/reddit

“Love is love.”

14. Kim Kardashian is extremely blessed to have such lovely kids.

Via Instagram

“Happy Birthday, sweet Dreamy! We all love you so very much!”

15. Dog: “Wuff Wuff, I won’t leave wou!”

Via notlikelyevil/reddit

“I love you, I just met you, but I love you!”

16. Lastly, seeing this nanny making a blanket for an elephant is a beautiful example of love.

Via marcusjsmall/reddit

“My nana knitted a blanket for a baby elephant named Khanyisa in South Africa.”

Beyond the sensation of having butterflies in your belly, it has been proved that love has significant effects on our brain and heart, including feelings of euphoria, reduced stress levels, and an overall improvement in physical health. If we are in love with our pets, family members, a partner, or even someone who is completely unfamiliar to us, we are in a great spirit and that’s enough to live a harmonious life.

Which picture caught your eyes the most? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to share these adorable pictures with your loved ones to let them know what love actually means!


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