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15 Heartwarming Moments Shared By Owners With Their Pets That Show Importance Of Adoption

Moments with animals are very pure.

There is something very magical about animals that keeps so many humans invested in them. They provide us with so many heartwarming moments and they don’t try either. If you’ve got puppies, you must have seen them pile onto one another and sleep in winters to keep warming. On their part, they use a strategy to sleep comfortably and don’t get cold in the process. To the viewer, that is just pure adorableness and wholesomeness that can easily melt anyone’s heart. These are the kind of moments we all live for and would die for. We really don’t deserve animals but at the same time, their need in today’s time is so high. We require that sort of tenderness in our life to survive through these tough times.


Animals bring happiness and joy to their owners’ lives. They understand, realize, and recognize all the efforts their owners make for them to provide them with a happy experience. And these animals fully repay, at times intentionally and at times unintentionally but that sense of gratitude lives in there. They are just perfect.

Let’s take a look at some of that pure tenderness that these animals provide us with.

Scroll down below to enjoy. Be prepared for that heart to melt.

1. “Meet Parpov, our friendly neighborhood Rotty. All he wants is pets, and he sad howls when you stop.”

Via Aggravating_Study343/Reddit

2. “I’m heavily pregnant and have been having a rough few days — these 2 always know when I need love the most.”


Via sunshine3452/Reddit

3. “I’m so grateful for my floofs and their love for one another.”


Via bp521/Reddit

4. “Adopted her 2 months ago, and I think she finally adopted me back last night.”

Yay that feeling when your patience finally pays off.


Via IsOneC***RockEnough/Reddit

5. “Say hi to our new pupper, Indy! We just got him today.”

If wholesomeness was to be represented by a picture, this would’ve been it.


Via bornewinner/Reddit

6. “Just got home from adopting this fella!”

They are all so excited to tell they adopted an animal. So cute!


Via D_Poner57/Reddit

7. “Just got home after 10 days away. My boy Ghost ignored me for the first few hours, but all appears to be forgiven now.”


Via ladyem8/Reddit

Oh my goodness, my heart is literally melting right now. Do we really deserve this much tenderness and wholesomeness? I mean, we do require this but are we qualified for this? Either way, I am fully grateful for all these moments, thank you Redditors.

8. “My mom’s dog likes to sit next to her on the couch while she is sitting up like a human.”

So wholesome.


Via lejaarmy/Reddit

9. “My cuddle buddy every morning before I go to work. I think he is trying to get me to call off.”


Via capnk88/Reddit

10. “I adopted this chonker today! 8 weeks old and ~20lbs already!”

He is going to be a proper foodie!


Via PMyour***gurl/Reddit

11. “Meet Jon Snow, he can only fall asleep on my face.”

A talent in itself.

Via Danyandme/Reddit

12. “I’m a horse vet. This adorable little guy fell asleep on my feet while I talked to his people.”


Via quantizedd/Reddit

13. “During the Texas winter storm I brought this guy inside to make sure he’d survive, and I’m starting to think he’s not leaving.”

Via patatoboy165/Reddit

14. “Well. Looks like my schedule just cleared.”

There ain’t no going back once this happens.


Via tinselpandora/Reddit

15. “I saw these ducklings cuddling because of the cold weather today.”

Ahh! My heart is melting.

Via c***andcakepops/Reddit

Wow, now go and absorb all this tenderness you have received. And don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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