40 Moms And Dads Having A Worse Day Than You

Light-hearted people, please stay away from parenting.

Being a parent is a blissful event that both humans and animals want to experience but when you look at those exhausted eyes, dark circles, and messy hair, you ask yourself, “what happened to these people?” Well, parenting happened to them. Yes, I did say being a parent is bliss but it also is a very big challenge. Parenting not only brings a cute little baby with it, but it also brings a lot of responsibilities that need to be honored in order to become a successful parent and bring that baby up.

As the baby starts growing up and starts to make sense of life, it realizes it has free will to do anything in life and that is when the biggest challenge comes up. That’s when you expect the unexpected and have to have a really strong heart to get through because when your spot your baby covered in black goo and you are light-hearted, you won’t be able to get through this phase.

That example that I just mentioned above and many more are about to come your way as we go through and enjoy 50 images from moms and dads from around the world shared to prove only one point; parenting is not for the light-hearted.

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1. The parents have no idea how did he get all that goo on him. It must’ve taken them at least an hour to get all that stuff off.

2. All that hard work, gone in seconds.


3. They already know only a child can make such a purchase.


4. Don’t ask any questions and get me down, uncle.


5. Look mom, it’s white water. I must jump in it.


6. At least the intention wasn’t bad.


7. The family thought there was a ghost in their daughter’s bed.


8. He is going to grow up and start a prank channel on YouTube.


9. He requested an ice cream because he was feeling super hot…this is how he consumed it.


10. Thanks to the kid, some lego ice cubes to go with the drink today.


11. Your fault you didn’t do it in hiding knowing you have a child in your house.

12. Thanks for the clarification because the group had started to grow big.


13. This is how you strike a balance between good and bad.

14. Don’t ask how it happened but the family now has a rainbow dog.


15. Very much suspicious.

16. Can you imagine the confidence this girl was pumped up with when this happened?


17. A fair exchange in the child’s brain, but very unfair in reality.

18. Talking requires 2 people at least so…


19. Look what online classes have done to children.

20. I wonder how they differentiate between the two.


21. When you leave three children in the bath for 15 minutes…on their own.

22. So that’s where the screwdriver went.


23. Cute but also heartbreaking.

24. I hope she said “likes” and the parent mistakenly heard “licks”.


25. The only piece of paper you don’t want your kid to apply his/her artistic skills on.

Oh my dear, are these events real? I cannot believe the suffering that all these parents go through, and the ones that are about to go through. Just imagine the hell that parents have to go through at such an early time when they aren’t even at the stage when they have to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for that baby’s education. Only after all this do their children finally start earning and the good ones begin returning the favor in monetary terms.

26. Curious girl got her fingers stuck on the bench.


27. Went running towards his parent and smashed right into the glass door he for some reason did not see.


28. Husband thought that was a nice design until the wife revealed it was their child’s puke.

29. So Nana is actually living in the walls. I would switch houses if I were you, woman.


30. New parents, please pay attention to this.

31. What is that in there?

32. The damage done to this drywall was a child’s doing.


33. I refuse to believe this little kid made all that mess but I have to believe it because it really do be like that sometimes.

34. They thought they had grabbed the face mask only to realize, once they reached the destination, that it was their little one’s sock.

35. They charged $39.35 for holding the baby.


36. He dropped coffee grounds on his son and you can see the proof.

37. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind one.

38. However that happened and whatever that is, this will take some time and hair sacrifice to remove.


39. The kid put the wet wipes out to dry.

40. Chopped off a connected wire. Guess who could do such a thing? Obviously a child.

41. A special drink made by the son to cure his dad’s sickness. This potion is bound to work.


42. Why would he do such a thing? Oh never mind, that’s what you expect from a 4-year-old.

43. All the precious tissue rolls were given a precious bath by a precious child.

44. The little one kept squeezing the pack of powdered creamer and it exploded right in her face.


45. He cut holes in his socks, which he liked for a couple of minutes, but now he hates it.

46. They didn’t like how their dad had a white car. So they gave it some color.

47. It took the kid’s parents $4,400 to get that nickel you see, in the x-ray, it swallowed.


48. She went to the playground only to realize it wasn’t there anymore. Poor girl.

49. For some reason, the 14-year-old decided to stir a smoothie while it was still blending.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. I am sure many of you will reconsider your decision to become a parent after viewing this post.

Stay tuned for more.

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