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23 Moms Who Totally Didn’t Want A Dog

Heart-warming stories of twenty-three moms who did not want a dog at first but are now enjoying the most with them.

Moms always have a problem with pets. Whenever you want a pet, the only problem that stands in the way is to get permission from your Mom. It is because most Moms are of the view that it will be difficult taking care of the dog in the house. And they are genuinely right as having a pet comes with a lot of responsibilities. But guess what? The same moms that say that they do not want a dog at their house are the ones getting one the next day and taking caking of them as a child. It’s funny and adorable at the same time, yet it’s very true.


If you want proof of what we have mentioned just above, you need to see the stories of moms who ended up adopting a dog last minute, and the next day they started taking care of them; buying cute things for them, or throwing a party. The association between the mom and the dogs is beautiful. Therefore you need to see the following 30 Latina moms who are taking care of their dog as a baby despite not wanting them in the first place. Scroll till the end so you do not miss out on any amazing mom-doggo duo stories!

1. One is never enough, mom learns this very soon and gets a new one

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2. Not wanting a dog and then legit throwing the dog a party when he has his first birthday home


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3. Mom asks to never have a dog but then makes cute little tortillas for the female doggo


via ChismeDosage

4. The best moment is when you watch your pet and your mom bonding and laughing


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5. In this case, the mom loves the dog names Apollo more than her actual child, what a treat to eyes is this



6. This mom legit knitted the dog a sweater despite saying she doesn’t want any dog in the house, this is what all moms do after getting a pet


via 21Vivis

7. “Don’t eat the chicken, it’s for Coby.” typical dog mom behavior


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8. Covering the dog like a baby is the cutest thing to do


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9. Taking pictures of your doggos is one of the favorite things to do


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10. This is definitely one of the cutest snaps I have ever seen


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11. Look show adorably she’s hugging her dog child

via alegnaonfire

12. The family now looks complete, with dogs on the couch despite what mom said


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13. Holding the cute little doggo in the pocket with all her love be like

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14. Chau is actually lucky to get framed on the wall


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These posts make us realize that it’s not only the mom that bonds well with the dogs but also the dogs who have a loveable and friendly nature. Due to their loveable nature, Moms are able to get along with them in no time. Dogs are wholesome creatures that can make you laugh any time any day. Their rufferific and funniest nature is what all dog owners love. It is so hard not to love them for the loyalty and goodness they possess. They can be so funny at times that it makes you laugh so hard and make your day better and brighter. Having a doggo around in the house is like having a fun packet of happiness with you. Most of us know a person in our home who wouldn’t want a dog and neither he or she will accept it to have a dog but these creatures are heart melting once they have stepped up in a home, eventually everyone start loving them and believe me there’s no turning around. Their amusing reactions to little things are really funny and cute, combined with Mom’s cute responses, it’s always a treat to the eyes. So, have you been treating your eyes nicely? Scroll down till the end to see some more adorable stories from Moms who did not want any dogs first but are now their best buddies.

15. It is so cute to see moms buying cute little gadgets for dogs in the house

via Brus_____

16. The caption tells how whole heartedly the mom owns the Doggo now


via MayDarling_

17. Calling your dog your princess after saying you did not want any in the house

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19. Most moms make the dogs have dinner with him as they sit in their laps and it’s the most wholesome thing to watch, must say


via CynthiaTerraza1

20. Latina mama and dog snuggling lovingly in cold winters

via __AK___47__

21. Two best friends spotted


via GeralRodriguez_

22. “A little beanie for my Max”

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23. You only kiss our dogs on the head when you love them unconditionally, kudos to this mom who said she did not want one before


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I must tell you, these were the best doggo and mom bonding stories I have seen so far. I could not control my happiness later. And I hope these snaps made your day brighter to a great extent as it is always heartwarming to see such content. It’s cute how dogs can be weirdly funny and entertaining. I guess, this is what makes them special. So far, did you enjoy these dog and mom snaps who did not want to be together, which we presented to you? Tell us which mom and doggo duo you like the best? Also, does your Mom also say such things as not wanting a dog before when you asked her to get one, if she did, share with us in the comment section below as we would love to hear some amazing stories from you? Do not forget to share your feedback in the comments. Stay tuned in for more fun content coming your way at defused.


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