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17 Of The Newly Adopted Cats Who Found Their Forever Homes

17 Of The Newly Adopted Cats Who Found Their Forever Homes

 Nothing makes us happier than seeing a shelter cat getting adopted.

No cat deserves to live its whole life in the shelter. These cats are innocent and deserve the best treatment. They should be looked after and loved. Even senior cats deserve to be adopted and loved. All cats are beautiful, all they need is a little care. Some people choose their cats, some cats choose them. We have different adoption stories to share with you today. We have compiled photos of 17 newly adopted cats that have found their forever homes. So, scroll down and enjoy!

1. Meet Berry, the yellow ball hunter.

Via u/awwhunter43

“Since adopting Berry, I am learning more every day about his character and habits, which makes me feel alive. Here I learned today that Berry is a real yellow ball hunter :)”

2. When you go out to get a McDonald’s but return with a kitten so you name him McChicken:


Via u/_SetSailForAss

“I got a kitten today! His name is McChicken because I originally left the house for McDonalds, and then came home with a kitten. oops.”

3. Aww, look at this adorable baby. It’s time that we suggest names for two babies.


Via u/indigo______________

“Reddit! Please give me good ‘sister’ names! I’m adopting two kittens tomorrow and I want their names to go together. They were finally deemed ‘no longer feral’ so they deserve extra awwws today!”

4. When your neighbors leave their cats while moving out:


Via u/minotaur-cream

“my neighbor abandoned his cat when he moved out… so meet my new cat!”

5. Meet Phoebe, the tiny cat:


Via u/Rich-Champion3421

“This is phoebe. I just adopted her from someone on Facebook. They said she’s 9 weeks but small because she was found in a wall in a trailer. Is this possible? She’s SO small!!”

6. When your little kitty has a meowing problem:


Via u/articulatedasparagus

“Just adopted pickle a few days ago, she is incredibly cute, though she has an extreme meowing problem. How can I help her along?”

7. “I’m a first time cat parent. This is Pepper. Give me all your cat raising advice!”


Via u/Kami1996

Train your cat to use the scratcher otherwise, she would ruin your couch. Also, get her microchipped. In case, she ever gets lost or stolen, you can find your lovely cat. Never forget to brush your kitty if you do not want hair on your furniture, carpets, bedsheets and clothes. Never feed them first thing in the morning because they would learn it then. Make a feeding time. Don’t forget to play with her and love her as much as you can.

8. “My wife and I adopted beautiful Serafina last month.”


Via u/ethanrlord

Seems like Serafina is well aware of the fact that she is incredibly beautiful!

9. “Adopted the “grumpy” shelter kitty. Only 11 days later, and he’s so much more vibrant and has the cutest personality! So proud of his progress… he just needed a home. “


Via u/spacecowkitten

You were lucky to take the chance and adopt this adorable guy. He deserves the best. With love and care, he will surely make progress.

10. “Adopted this senior boy so he can live comfortably for the rest of his life”


Via u/No-Possibility4586

Glad that you adopted a senior cat. Not everyone adopts a senior cat. Senior cats deserve love and they should be given a safe and loving environment where they can live their golden years of life.

11. “My kitty getting a read on me right after I adopted her”

Via u/tassatus

She is a kitten but quietly judging you. Also, this little kitten loves ice cubes, small blueberries, and butt pats.

12. “I adopted a 8 years old cat 6 months ago. He was scared of everything. Today was the first time he laid on me. Im so happy”


Via u/theanonymousdogg

This is the best moment and cat owners cannot forget it when their cats trust them for the first time.

13. Meet Violet, she was adopted last week.

Via u/annaburton

14. When you do not choose a cat but your cat chooses you:

Via u/darthphallic

“I went to a place that fosters cats to adopt one today, when I put the carrier down Otto just jumped straight in and decided that I wasn’t getting a choice.”

15. “Wanted to show my foster kitten when she was a teensy bottle baby and now when I decided to adopt her. The ear floof is what did it”

Via u/Sad_Let186

That bottle baby face is so precious.

16. First day of adoption:


Via u/OffMemo

17. “I just adopted the sweetest bat”

Via u/zonkbonk

Have you ever adopted a cat? Is it your first cat? Share the adoption story with us in the comment section down below! Also, upvote for your favorite kitties.


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