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These Pics Of Newly Adopted Pets Are Bound To Get Your Serotonin Levels High

Innocent pets only need one thing and that is love.

There is nothing more wholesome than looking at content related to animals. And if we go a bit deeper then there are preferences like content related to cats, dogs, and other animals. But if there an animal-related content that everyone loves wholeheartedly, that is content related to newly adopted pet animals. Watching that joy on the faces of those little cuties just gives you so much peace and relaxes your body to a point that all stress goes away.

If you do think about it, it is actually very unfortunate how these pets have to go through very tough times to finally find their other half and live happily ever after. Some of them are adopted right from the streets because they were abandoned by their previous owners and were on their own surviving on the streets with little to no diet. While some pets are rescued by animal shelters and they spend most of their lives in the kennels waiting for their superhero to come and start a new chapter of life. It is a very sad reality that the shelters all around the world are filling up to the brim, there is very space left and in order to create space, they are left with no option but to euthanize those animals. Amidst this horror and unfair life situation, I am so glad that superheroes like the ones we are going to be talking about today exist. They make it their life’s mission to do something for these animals, to give them hope by adopting them and providing them with the best possible life. At first, it is hard for those animals to trust their humans, you can’t blame them because it is hard to regain all that broken trust. But once that trust develops, there is no going back. It is all love and joy from thereon. And the transformation that you see in that animal then absolutely blows your mind.

Today’s task is very simple and I could personally do it for hours upon hours. We will be looking at pictures of some newly adopted pet animals. You will not able to control your smiles after this one, I can assure you guys that.

Scroll down below for some wholesomeness.

1. This is the first animal this person adopted and did lots and lots of research on how deal with a newly adopted pet on their first week just to make sure they didn’t bother it and allowed it to adjust to the new home.

This factor is so important. It is crucial that you give your pet time to adjust to your house. You have no idea what it went through or how its past was so you should always play it safe, even if it is a lively animal give it time to familiarize itself with the new environment because anyone can stutter in a new surroundings.

Via u/unicorncarrots

2. Surprisingly this cat and its owner saw each other for the first time on the National Cat Day and that happened days after their mother had passed away. Kenny and his owner have been living happily together for the last 3 years now.


A cat showing up on your patio and becoming your best friend. This is how cats adopt humans.

Via u/KaitlenRene

3. Miley looks like she is very excited to be at her new home and cannot way to go crazy exploring every possible place in and around the house.


Via u/emnanax

4. “I rescued Fred from the middle of a rainy highway. Thank you universe for letting me be in that exact place and time !”


Via u/Virtual_Bug5486

5. “A year and a half ago I wanted to adopt only one kitten, but I couldn’t separate these siblings. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.”


Via u/mercurio_liquido

6. “Yesterday I Found an abandoned kitten!! Introduced it to the other stray that I’ve rescued and they are in love”


Via u/Littlebirdii

7. “Help!! Adopted a stray, or more as she adopted me?”

A human never adopts a cat, it is always the other way around.


Via u/EdenFinley

8. This is where he found himself comfortable on his first day after being adopted. Looks like we know his favorite spot.


Via u/Scary_Noise1234

9. “We saved a stray and now we’ve adopted him”


Via u/weekndaze

10. “Unbelievable, my whole life – 27 years, I was a “dog man”, but since Snickers and Bounty are stepped into life… I can’t live without my cuties They made my life a better place”


Via u/LargeDate5220

I have no clue what it is but content like this is so wholesome and you can look at these images for hours. These cats look so happy to be where they are, it’s like their patience and waiting finally paid off. And you can see it in their expressions, they are very happy to be where they are. I am glad their superhero owners exist and would like to thank them for giving all these animals a new go at life.

Scroll down below for some more pictures of newly adopted pet animals.

11. “Picked this baby up earlier today. Help us pick his name!” I would call it “Popsicle”.

Via u/lamanjo

12. “Does my stray kitty look happy with his new home? :3”


Via u/fastattackSS

13. “My girlfriend and I are moving into a new apartment that allows dogs, and the day we signed the lease, went out and got this little guy. Meet Duke!”

Via u/baconrad0124

14. “I got adopted! 1st night at my forever home.”


Via u/Metal_Zero_One

15. “Five years ago, we rescued two kittens. They were no more than four weeks old and so tiny. Round-the-clock bottle feedings, not knowing if they would make it. I think it’s safe to say that they grew up well.”

Via u/hoitoot

16. “We rescued a pup today, say hello to Charmy!”


Via u/Calabask

17. “I just adopted this little guy, he was rescued from isolated northern communities here in Canada.”

Via u/TitzzMcGee

18. “This cutie was given to me yesterday by a friend who ended up not being able to care for her. I’m already in love.”


Via u/BallFondler_69

19. “Just Rescued This Beauty. I’m certain she has terrier in her but the head is small and mouth is small as well. she has the head shape of a Jack Russell, but she is already11lbs at 8 weeks”


Via u/ThisTimeJust30rock

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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