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14 Optical Illusion Images That Will Confuse The Heck Out Of You

Our minds can play tricks on us.

I am sure we have all been in those moments where we think we see something but in reality, our mind is just imagining things. This kind of thing always happens to me when I am finished watching a horror movie. But we are here to talk about optical illusions, not nightmares that we all have. These images would technically not qualify as an optical illusion since they just require a second look o understand but that is what I am going to refer to them as.

From dogs turning themself into a pretzel to coming across a centaur woman, we have everything weird that you may need. All of these are basically images that were taken at just the right time to really put everything in perspective and that is all I can say. So if you are tired of reading my babblings, you can go ahead and do what you came here to do. Just scroll below to take a look at these images and enjoy yourself.

Although I need to warn you as some of these may keep you up at night due to confusion so proceed with caution.

#1 Are these two dogs or just one really flexible one?


I have stared at this image for far too long and while I understand that there must be two dogs, my mind still cannot comprehend it.

#2 Well, even dogs like to wear clothes sometimes.


That is also a very long neck and it definitely needs to be adorned with pearls.

#3 Even birds like to take selfies at times.


The phone might be a bit big for this bird though.

#4 Wait, so you are telling me that there aren’t two puppies in this picture?


There is no way that paw isn’t a tiny puppy.

#5 We all knew that cats are our Overlords right from the start.


It really is a majestic picture!

#6 The infamous horse with two heads.


#7 The cream veil looks absolutely perfect on this guy.

Though I have to say that this is some foamy beer.

#8 Honey, I shrunk the dog’s head!


When you only hit the dog with a shrink ray on his head.

#9 Wait, that isn’t a parrot?

If this picture wasn’t in this compilation, I would have moved on thinking that this guy just had a parrot on his shoulder.

#10 If you look closely, you will realize this isn’t a dog with sunglasses.


Yes, it is indeed just a woman’s head.

#11 A female centaur is certainly a very rare sight.

#12 That is one floofy doggo!


I am just glad that he wasn’t in the movies.

#13 Yes, this doggo has a puppy attached to his tail.

#14 Godzilla has nothing on this kitty.


Who knew cats could breathe fire?

Do you know what we need? Cat tax!


Who needs to do any decorations when it comes to Halloween if you have a void cat laying around?

Did any of these images confuse you? Or could you understand what was happening right from the go? Have you ever come across something that stumped you until you gave it a second hard look? Well, why don’t you let us know all about it in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to share these images with your friends so they can have some weirdness in their life as well.


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