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20 People Who Accidentally Met Their Future Pets And Took Them Home

Animals have innocent souls and have a heart made of pure gold. Whether it’s a stray animal, or animal waiting for you to rescue them from nasty people, or the one who’s sitting in your backyard, these friends are always looking forward to moving into their new homes and living happily ever after with their new parents.

Speaking about animal shelters, without any surprise, there are lots of happy and healthy pups or pets waiting for someone to rescue them from behind the bars or cages and let them breathe in the fresh air. Once you adopt these pals, you will ultimately have a feeling of accomplishment. A good feeling of rescuing someone, and you will form a deep and strong emotional bond with these buddies.

There’s no more beautiful bonding than the owner and a pet. It goes without saying that they are meant to be our best companions, our support systems, and our friends who are always there for us, no matter what life throws at us. You both enjoy each other company and can’t imagine a day without these pals. They provide us happiness, love, and affection, and they make us laugh when we are feeling low or depressed.

Well, words are not enough to describe this beautiful relationship. But, you can sense the essence of friendship and love in these images that we have gathered for you. So, keep scrolling down and have a peek at what it’s like when you met your new fluffy buddy.

1. This fortunate guy found his new friend.

Via  mhaydar / Reddit

“I found a kitten on my construction site today, zero work got done after that.”

2. A warm welcome!

via eanutsinabox / Reddit

“Found this little chunk on the side of the road today. I fell in love with her immediately.”

3. This police officer found her secret agent…

Via Free-palestine / Reddit

“Last night I had to work traffic for a bad wreck. I heard a small meow. I shined my flashlight over and saw 2 reflective eyes looking at me. I meowed back. Surprisingly, this teeny tiny little kitten crawled up my leg and sat on my shoulder.”

4. Saving animals is the best thing ever.

via  SparklingShiningBoi / Reddit

“Saved this girl from being sent to a kill shelter. Say hi to Nala!”

5. “Do you mean you’ve become my new human parents?”

Via hisdodobird / Reddit

“When our cat realized she got adopted by us”

6. Chinchilla makes a great pet…

Via Iwantmorg / Reddit

“Rescued an ’aggressive’ chinchilla from a home with 3 dogs yesterday. The little guy has been my best friend since we met!”

7. Precious newly adopted baby.

Via  reliable_gene / Reddit

“This tiny kitten just showed up in our yard last month. Guess I love cats now.”

8. Looks like this dog is now comfortable in his new home.

Via pickledbalogna / Reddit

“We rescued him a month ago from the humane society. He has finally started to bring his toys to us for playtime!”

9. You don’t choose cats, cats choose you.

Via mikerophonyx / Reddit

“She was found crying in the Costco parking lot today and was hiding under a car but came right up when I leaned over. She’s so friendly, I’m going to keep her.”

10. Your simple act of kindness can transform these pups into happy ones.

Via  Siesta_time / Reddit

“A before and after pic of my rescue puppy!”

11. Fluffy mamas are just adorable.

Via  beetlebath / Reddit

“My neighbor fostered a pregnant kitty…here’s a mama protecting her kittens that were born last night.”

12. A perfect spot to rest…

Via  splinter198 / Reddit

“She showed up at our lot. I picked her up and she immediately settled here and wouldn’t move. I guess that was her way of saying she chose me. I’m now a cat person apparently. I named her Scarlet.”

13. This adopted pal has eyes full of hopes.

Via  spreadhead86 / Reddit

“She came up to the machine shop I work at 4 years ago. I started feeding her and now she’s the shop mascot.”

14. Indeed, this kitty has the perfect fur coat.

Via myhrmans / Reddit

“Saved her mother from the wild and 63 days later this beauty popped out!”

15. Watching dogs being rescued from nasty people is the best feeling in this world.

Via Flowerlover25 / Reddit

“I saw this old pug and brought him home with me. He’s 10 years old and came from an abusive home. Meet Tyson the pug.”

16. A purr-fect golden hour nap!

Via  dcbluestar / Reddit

“We picked him up from a staircase. He’s still not used to the fact that he won’t die starving, so he always tries to steal some food even if he’s full.”

17. Now this kitty can sleep peacefully in her new home.

Via © mdeeza / Reddit

“Found this little girl in the woods, meowing in the rain.”

18. Cats’ love is enough to change you from a dog lover to a cat lover.

Via  sanabee / Reddit

“I’ve always been inherently a dog person until this baby needed a home 3 weeks ago and nobody would take him. He changed my mind. Meet Max!”

19. Just give them a little attention, and they are all yours.

Via  cdthomer / Reddit

“This little guy showed up meowing at my back door yesterday morning at 6:30. I opened the door and he just waltzed right in. Looks and acts just like my old kitty Garfield I had when I was a kid!”

20. Here’s a before and after picture of this rescued adorable kitty.

Via  casuso / Reddit

“One year ago when I rescued her and now, she’s showing gratitude.”

We can surely say now, after looking at all these beautiful pictures, something that happens on purpose does feel nice however, accidental meet-ups, and the instant connection that follows is as pure as it can get. The best of all, you may ask, is when the connection turns into love and eventually leads to something even bigger than that. Pets, or animal companions, do have that effect on us and we are ever so thankful for their presence in our lives!

Do you own a pet you accidentally met? If yes, then don’t forget to share your story with us in the comments section below!


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