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20 Pet Owners Who Were Scammed About Their Pet’s Breed

Adopting an animal is not an easy task, you may get scammed.

Imagine adopting a pet and getting scammed. Yes, you heard it right. You can be scammed while adopting your favorite animal. Well, it’s not like you will be sold a dog in the name of a cat. You will be told it’s a boy and later you will find out that your pet is a girl or you will be told it’s a little puppy and in a few days, you will find out that your little puppy has grown up into a big boy. The sellers may lie to you about your favorite pet that you have longed your whole life to adopt but end up getting a completely different breed. Well, do not worry. Every pet is beautiful and loveable.

Today, we have got 20 pet owners who were lied about their pet’s breed and now they just laugh at it. Scroll down if you want to laugh at their experiences.

1. A cute face can trick anyone.


2. No doubt, she is the prettiest of all.


© jimenievas2 / Twitter

3. Dogs grow up real quick:


4. What I ordered versus what I got:


© Patoparedes23 / Twitter

5. Dalmatians look absolutely beautiful:


© maikgoicochea / Twitter

6. Human, do not I look like a bulldog?


© Pichi_96 / Twitter

7. Wait for six more years.

© BarbaraSaenger2 / Twitter

8. When you purchase a product without checking its reviews:


© MileSanchez6 / Twitter

9. He grew up as an old man:

© RodriQuijano / Twitter

10. Things start changing after this accident:


© Valalvarezouto / Twitter

11. Even if he is not a poodle, he is full of joy and good vibes:

© CamilaYaez7 / Twitter

No doubt, you have been scammed but look at this cute face. Does not he make you fall in love with him again and again? How beautiful is his smile! We are not in the favor of scamming but at least, it has made these people realize that pets of other breeds are also beautiful, adorable and full of love. They can also make you as happy as the breed that you wanted.

12. When you buy it online:


© VaninaPaoloni / Twitter

13. You were lied to but is not it worth it?

© ValenCamachoM / Twitter

14. I am a wrestler, not a Pit bull:


© MelaniDuran / Twitter

15. When you do not know the difference between a female and a male cat:

© dididblasi / Twitter

16. From Freya to Frey, she made her place in the house:


17. The dog was supposed to be a surprise:

© valennnuwu / Twitter

18. Expectations vs Reality:


19. There is something wrong with your “collie”

© Ezequiel1901 / Twitter

20. Seller: Trust me, it’s a Golden Retriever:


© Juliapavonn / Twitter

21. Your German Shephard has short legs:

© NicoGuajardo73 / Twitter

Well, this one had us laughing. We have never seen a German Shephard before who is so short in height. LOL. What do you guys think? Have you ever been cheated about your pet’s breed? Share your experience with us in the comments section down below!


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