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50 People Who Had An Opportunity And They Just Took It

They had that one opportunity and they took it.
Sometimes people actually know what message they are conveying yet they keep on doing it anyway. And it is best to capture such moments. One such place, a subreddit group makes use of such moments and displays them to the public. Ever thought of Peter Dinklage on a Calendar featured for February being the shortest? Or putting ‘Jesus is watching’ signboard right after ‘adult video’ signboard. Sounds hilarious, right? Take a look at such boldest moves in the following article which people have actually attempted to make.


1. This calendar couldn’t be more perfect

This Couldn't Have Been A Coincidence

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2. This employee deserve an award for employee of the year

An Employee With A Sense Of Humor


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3. Well we are born to eat and shit

They Really Did


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4. We know they knew

They Definitely Knew!

They Definitely Knew!


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5. This guy bought 5000 bone shaped paper clip but it turned out to be something else

I Thought It Was A Great Idea To Buy 5000 'Bone Shape' Paper Clips For Our Veterinary Clinic


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6. This party is supposed to be lit

That’s Some Party


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7. What a super duper name

Dad Knew... For Sure


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8. Is this how you want your sub?

But Have Their Subs Unionized?


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9. Clever Kevin

Kevin’s Parents

Kevin's Parents


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10. Employees at this place are really bored

Amazing Placing!


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11. Beware balls for balls

Please Don’t Take My Crown Jewels!

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12. To be fair they probably would sell fast

My Grandma Knitted These "Handle Huggers" And Wants Me To Help Sell Them On The Internet


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13. Who would even want to use this tissue box

This Tissue Box


14. Beware of adult videos Jesus is always watching

He’s Watching


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15. This can not be an accident

How Did This Even Get So Far?

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16. Birds name can amaze us

Author Having A Laugh


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17. Blaine Stewart giving us actual weather forecast

How Could You Not Know?


18. Can you handle a footlong on valentines from Subway?

Thats 12 Inches Or 30cm


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19. Wondering why would they even put them in this pose

Modelling Cycling Clothes

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20. Everyone wants 6 am opening

Mcdonalds In Yass, Australia, Definitely Knew



21. That is how a man eats his burger

They Ain’t Talking About Burgers

22. The placement could not be any more intentional

Valentine's Day Special


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23. IKEA be selling best products

IKEA Knows!

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24. Kuddos to the man who drew this

They Knew

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25. A cock can get you anything

Man’s Cock Wins First

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26. How long were they away?

Government Ad In Brussels Airport


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27. Who wants to drink super water?

A “Super” Fountain


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28. The dustbin was place at this point intentionally

There Are No Accidents

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29. You can tell this is intentional

It’s Hard To Imagine A Universe Where This Wasn’t Planned


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30. C-U-M America

North Americans Unite!

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31. Don’t say that they did not warn you

They Might As Well Have Put A Winky Face Emoji


32. The dog face explains it all

Yes! I Like It Any Place


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33. Hilarious warning by the store management

34. Price tag placed perfectly

At Least They're Being Upfront About It

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35. I hope this plain doesn’t stink

Ah The New And Natural Propulsion System


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36. Good job engineering department

Somebody In The Engineering/Design Department Thought This Would Be Funny

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37. I would absolutely buy this cup


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38. Placement 101

He Really Came Through


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39. Waiting for Thursday


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40. Well kids at this age aren’t smart

Disney “Dumbo” Shirt

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My Latin Workbook

My Latin Workbook


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42. Cummi bear lighthouses


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43. Cannibalism at it’s best in Florida

Yep Its From Florida

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44. It’s either this or that choice is yours

Mask Up!


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45. Now you know what chick wants

Someone Snuck This Through

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46. Creativity at it’s peak

Let Us Never Forget The Robot That Drew The First D Pic On Another Planet

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47. Oh they missed one S was it an accident?

The Sign Maker Knew


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48. That is some creative search work

Innocent Amazon Search At Work!!

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49. Such an amazing way to adjust the towbar

Just Like That

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50. Name and price tag on point


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Let us know what do you think about these hilarious content. These people definitely knew what they were up to. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section, stay tuned for more hilarious content


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