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50 People Shared Hilarious Alternate Names Children Gave To Things That Aren’t Actually Wrong

Children are innocent and this innocence makes them inventors.

Kids are the most adorable thing ever. Their cuteness can be leveled right up with pet animals. Cuteness is almost always linked to innocence. The more innocent you are, the cuter your actions will be. This is how kids provide us with the most adorable moment and events that are to be cherished forever. But don’t be misled by this cuteness, innocence, and adorableness. That is definitely not all. Apart from being heartthrobs, kids are actually very creative. My cousin hid his little girl’s favorite toy in his cupboard. She had no idea how to open that cupboard but every time he would approach the cupboard to open it, she would quietly observe how he would do it. After 2 days’ worth of observation and 1 day worth of tries, she managed to open the little cupboard and got her toy.


Kids are also very creative in terms of naming things. They will come up with an alternative name for an item and it would be extremely hilarious. But that’s not the best part. The best part is those names would be very logical and no one could classify them as wrong. Today we are going to enjoy 50 of these moments shared by people where kids would give a made-up name to something and it wouldn’t be wrong but hilariously correct.

Scroll down below to enjoy kids’ creativity!

It all started with one uncle sharing on the internet how his niece called an aquarium a “water zoo”. The post went viral and got flooded with all sorts of unique responses.




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And here’s what everyone else had to share:

1. This person’s youngest kid refers to all pants, that are not shorts, as long-sleeved pants.


Via Shae,Mohamad Khosravi

2. According to this person’s daughter, mosquitos are vampire bugs. 


Via Love Jones,VOO QQQ

3. She is not wrong. Zoo actually is an animal jail. 


Via trapnerdsonny

4. Why is this so accurate?


Via AllenaBabyy

5. Owls are Wood penguins to this kid.


Via Ms. Smith,Geronimo Giqueaux

6. Dad, that’s not a dragonfly that’s a baby helicopter. 


Via user4610920515502,Dustin Humes

7. I hope the teacher didn’t cut marks because it actually is a loud period.

Via Niss

8. Raw toast…I can’t.


Via caitlyn_rose0409

9. This person’s daughter has given a new name to churches, Jesus stores. 

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Via nadia4627,Daniel Tseng

10. Let’s actually change it to that.


Via Jennifer Parham

11. This person’s little girl would refer to tears as panic water and I would absolutely agree with that.

Via Brandee Glass,Arwan Sutanto

12. This is a graveyard but not according to a kid who calls them people garden. By the way, this kid is only 2 years old.


Via BriaBoo,Ruben Holthuijsen

13. According to a granddaughter out there, seagulls are beach chickens. 

Via user8634055572388,cbgrfx123

14. According to this person’s granddaughter funerals are heaven parties. 


Via user7283114992510

15. Waiting for the day when rhinos get renamed as battle unicorns. Everyone would want to get them.

Via herewegosteelers86,Elisa Bracco

16. This person’s cousin to date refers to mechanics as car doctors. 


Via Tim Byrd,Maxim Hopman

17. This person’s little girl was thirsty but didn’t know the word for it so she instead said I am water hungry.

Via Cherrone,engin akyurt

18. When you don’t know the actual word so you work your way around it.


Via Alin

19. This person’s cousin refers to an airport as a plane station. 

Via Love Jones,VOO QQQ

20. This person refers to vending machines as food ATMs.

Via Puffin0915,Kenny Eliason

21. That’s what the original name should’ve been.

Via Rance Preuitt

22. A pasta cake…interesting.


Via Ashley Schill

23. Your niece is very innocent.


Via Ash Marie

24. What you see there is a human kite and not a parasailer, according to this person’s daughter.

Via,Ylanite Koppens

25. How do they even come up with such names?


Via smashlie

I am in complete awe but I am also so surprised. How do they do this? I mean, none of the names we all have gone through so far are wrong. If you really do think about it, a graveyard is actually a people’s garden, and being thirsty is water hunger. I love. I absolutely love the innocence of these children.

I am absolutely loving these names and I hope you guys are too. The enjoyment doesn’t stop here. Scroll down to continue.

26. Sky ghosts, not clouds.

Via Kristen Allen

27. He would burp and say “I farted out of my mouth”. Hilarious!

Via Burps= mouth farts. Took me forever to figure out what my toddler meant when he said “I farted out my mouth” 3d ago 7 ReplyReport

28. Obviously! How did you expect the little one to pronounce condensation?


Via Dawn Kilburn848

29. Snake turtle? Woah, the nephew is right.

Via Lex Xavier

30. There is a 40-year-old hiding in the little one’s body.

Via Tasha Livingston

31. Little kid refers to hand sanitizers as Handitizer. That’s a pretty handy name.


Via KaayyJay,Devyn Holman

32. After all, it was her house for 9 whole months.

Via Niqui LeBeau

33. Every time they change places, a grocery store does become a food maze. 

Via Jas

34. This person refers to humidity as chunky air and I couldn’t agree more. It is so bad.


Via Stacy Hennigan,cottonbro

35. The logic is there.

Via Christine Sullivan Campbell

36. This person’s daughter didn’t know the term “gray” for the color so she would just refer to it as light black. 

Via Kavonne Martin,Rex Babiera

37. What is they are?


Via Liz

38. This person’s kids refer to their robes as pajama jackets.

Via Melissa Dee

39. According to a person’s kid, these are finger elbows and not knuckles.

Via Sarah O Reilly,Dan Burton

40. If it makes sense, it is not wrong.


Via Charae Ashley Morning Roast

41. That’s because she only wants one person to complete the task and they must know who they are.

Via user9113667361270

42. When you read the alternative names you get that sudden shock and I live for that.

Via Rita Marie Gordon

43. You guys know about the previews they play before the actual movie is played? A kid refers to them as appetizers before the main course is served.


Via KristyLizz,Pixabay

44. I won’t blame your kid. Even I can’t pronounce quesadilla.

Via Na..

45. Let him, they sound cuter.

Via Kati Lawson618

46. They carry water so…

Via Sara Thompson

47. The real question is, isn’t it?

Via Ran Man

48. Smile what? Oh my god because they do look like smiles.

Via Mary Kate

49. What is an ATM? It is a big box full of money or in simple words, a money box. 

Via moseslaw75

50. This person’s daughter would refer to her ankle as her foot’s waist. 

Via Amanda Hart,Judi Cox

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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