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24 Pet Animals Who Grew Big In Size But Remained Tiny At Heart

Every parent loves the sight of their children growing up, getting bigger, and looking even better. The same is the case with owners watching their pet animals grow up. At the time of adoption, their little kitties or puppies fully fit in the palm of their hand but then slowly they grow up and increase in size as well. In some cases, our pet animals grow bigger than our expectations in very little time. For instance, within a year a certain breed of pup that you adopted may grow 2 to 3 feet bigger and weigh over 100 pounds. That can be a surprising evolution. Normally when a human grows big, we can also say they have matured and a certain level of seriousness is incorporated in their behavior. But in the case of these pets who unexpectedly grow massive in size, their hearts still remain tiny, those of a newborn baby. The things they do are still those of a little baby. Your massive dog will still be in your lap because size does not change habits.


Today we are going to enjoy pictures of some pet animals who grew, in size, beyond their owners’ expectations but internally are still our little fluffies. Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. No matter how big she grows, she won’t give up her habit of sitting on mommy’s lap.

Via 97long****silvers97 / Reddit

2. This fluffy boy now takes up the entire nightstand to sit on.


Via youhavelovedenough / Reddit

3. The baby of the family isn’t exactly a “baby” in size, but is from the heart.


Via chriss-ru / Reddit

4. This cat weighs 27 pounds and the owner has no clue about its breed.


Via Sibbys / Reddit

5. The tiny from heart 110-pound dog didn’t realize how heavy he is and decided to jump on his sleepy owner.


Via yeet******foffaclif / Reddit

6. The only babysitter a little baby needs is a big a$$ dog.


Via MojitoMom / Reddit

7. Meet Finn. He doesn’t let his size get in the way of doing what he loves and by that, I mean sitting on his owner’s lap.


Via jballs2213 / Reddit

8. This is Merlin. She only loves two things; eating spiders and being affectionate for plastic bags.


Via Joe2Blue / Reddi

9. Owner of this cat has a girlfriend who is bound to get stolen by those confident eyes…you know it.


Via Parkside2006 / Reddit

10. Truth is always tough to digest. Here’s one: this dog is only 1 year old.


Via ********Rainbows / Reddit

11. Just trying to analyze how he grew so big in just 1.5 years.

Via wheet_woo / Reddit

12. They had just moved into the new house and coincidently decided to sleep in the same spot.


Via SantaforGrownups1 / Reddit

I love these cuties. They are all so innocent. I wonder how their parents feel when these giants sit on their laps like they are tiny cuties. Surely, the parents love their innocence. This just goes on to show growing big doesn’t necessarily mean you have to grow up in terms of your emotions and maturity. Our pets don’t have to worry about all that stuff.

Let’s enjoy some more pictures of our fluffy pets growing in size in no time.

13. The giant dog has no clue how big she has grown as she loves cuddling with the same excitement and energy as she did when she was tiny. She fully believes she is still the size of the cat.

Via shoulder***** / Reddit

14. The big boy is not a huge fan of selfies.


Via KatastropheKraut / Reddit

15. The strawberry stealer got caught red-pawed.

Via Daneinthemembrane / Reddit

16. He occupied the entire bed just by laying straight.


Via 1radgirl / Reddit

17. Tomas the cat in this picture is basically looking like a dog given how massive he is.

Via Spacerangerbabe / Reddit

18. It is not Griggs’ fault how massive he has become. Mess automatically gets created as he moves.


Via Fragrant-Clue2805 / Reddit

19. A major enhancement in size as well as cuteness.

Via Grand_Dependent8181 / Reddit

20. Someone in the house mistakenly forgot to close the door and this big boy went out. Somebody spotted it and called in that they had just seen a bear walking in the street.


Via j52624728 / Reddit

21. Mochi’s mom gets asked a lot about his breed.

Via Sokoke / Reddit

22. He literally fell off in his sleep, accepted his fate, and went back to napping.


Via AMV / Reddit

23. This 4-month-old puppy weighs over 60 pounds.

Via quetzalcoatlus84 / Reddit

24. This 7-month-old kitten probably stretched every day for 10 minutes.

Via conniverist / Reddit

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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