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20 Pets Whose Genetic Features Make Them Even More Charming

Every animal is beautiful in its own way. Some are known for their beautiful fur, some for their color, others for their features or distinctive eye colors, and a lot of other qualities. Nature is the finest creator, hereby sometimes mother nature decides to bless some lucky animals with surprisingly unique traits. Genetics also plays a major role in this process. Genes like playing along and creating beautiful blends of physical characteristics.


Cat and dog breeds exhibit an enormous amount of variation between breeds. Sometimes experts deliberately breed different species to attain the most suitable qualities in the resultant animal. Whereas at other times it’s all the nature that shows its magic and produces animals with amazing features which make them stand out from the crowd. We pledged to appreciate nature by collecting pictures of some of its four-legged masterpieces, which nature gifted us with. They sure are a sight to sore eyes.

Excited already? Go on and scroll down to see how beautiful these differently-looking animals are and spot out what specialty they have. You’ll also find an extra treat at the end!

1. The souvenir of Mexico

via  ItsMedaveT

This is the Xoloitzcuintle dog, which is a hairless dog. It is mostly found in Mexico and is considered its national treasure. Those adorably long ears are the cutest!

2. The mysterious queens

via DopeSickDumbass 

Meet the Elf cats, they are a cross between sphynx and American curl. They are considered mysterious and clever due to their appearance and hypnotizing eyes however originally they are the most affectionate cats.

3. These dogs look like an English man

via  kbarn29

Cutest Ausidoodles, with the eyes of an English man

4. This doggo has the ears and fur color like that of a fox

via doom_n_gloom666

The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog is the oldest breed of cattle dog

5. An Utonagan with the charm of a wolf

via ktotakaya

This dog is a hybrid breed of five other breeds!

6. This is a Bergamasco Shepherd and it seems like he loves African braids

via mclardy

Bergamasco Shepherd is an Italian sheepdog who loves to bond with humans

7. “When you see this brindle Akita, you have no doubt that there really were tigers in their family”

via Mutechimera

A brindle and an Akita? Nature sure is interesting!

8. A cat or a rat? A cat-rat!

via EtherealEffigy

This is a Lykoi cat, which is a result of DNA mutation caused in the shorthair cat over the past 20 years. This cat is also known as the “wolf cat” although it looks nothing like a wolf.

9. What a royalty!

via pixabay

Podenco Ibicenco also known as an Ibizan hound is a dog from the hound family, it likes hunting down rabbits.

10. What a perfect half!

via amazingnarnia

This is a British shorthair, her owner named her Narnia

There are some breeds of animals that came out as a result of a mutation in the genes of previously existing animals, this happens due to various reasons. Some of the reasons include exposure to environmental factors or retaining only the favorable traits which increase the survival rate of an animal. Nature has its own ways and tricks, and it exactly knows which move to make.

Keep scrolling down to see more examples of this phenomenon!

11. A Bengal tiger or a Bengal cat?

via sukiicat

12. Here’s the short little Albert with dreamy grey eyes

via albertbabycat

This is a munchkin cat, which is a dwarf cat another result of a mutation in the genes

13.  Albert finds brushing his curly hair a hassle and you can see that from his face

via pompous.albert
Advertisement by UDM

14. The Siberian goddess

via siberian_reinhardt

15. Gisele likes showing his dark patch off

via giseleisblue

“A Thai Ridgeback is a dog breed with metallic fur color and a ball of stiff wool on its back”

16. She definitely knows she’s exceptional

via yodathekinkalow

This is a Kinkalow breed cat, which is short-legged but sure is big on personality

Here are some extra treats, you’ll be surprised at how animals can possess such enchanting traits!

17. I swear I am not a thief, it’s just my eyes

via Grnteabug

We believe in you little husky! it’s just nature got a little mischievous while creating you

18. What an absolute FUZZBALL

via GallowBoob

19. The heart sure is special, but the sleep style is a plus one

via ojarinn

20. The meowing cow not the mooing cow

via scotch_thecowcat

Nature sure knows how to amaze everyone in the best way possible. It’s truly inspirational how even an ordinary mark can make an animal look so eye-catching. Apart from physical appearances some animals also receive personality traits that are special, you just have to find them out and you’ll have another reason for loving them a bit more. We’re sure you thoroughly enjoyed your ride along with the most innovative animal gallery of nature.

If your pet has something different to flex about, do let us know in the comments section below!


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