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26 Wholesome Doggo Tweets To Get You Through A Ruff Day

Having a ruff day?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We know things may get tough sometimes but there is nothing a little doggy love can’t fix. Every now and then we go through some rough patches in our lives. Recently, we’ve all had a very rough year. And this year has left us wondering whether there’s any good left in this world. Well, of course, there is. You just have to look harder. But guess what? We’ve got you covered like every other time so you don’t need to worry anymore.


Something good might just be around the corner. And we’re pretty sure your dog would know. Since we love dogs so much.You can’t just miss any other chance of loving dogs even more just because you don’t own one. And so what if you don’t own a dog? They’re funny, silly, adorable, and whatnot? We’re sure you can tell by looking at some pictures online, that’s one way to go about it. But wouldn’t it be better if you could hear some amazing tweets that people have shared about dogs? These tweets are cute, humorous, and everything nice! Not at all boring. And we kid you not, there’s nothing dog humour can’t fix. Honestly, these tweets are guaranteed to keep you going.

Here are some of the greatest tweets about dogs that will surely make you laugh and remind you of all the good things you have in life…dogs are number one for sure. Keep scrolling to see the perfect dog tweets.

1. *Phew*

via Reverend_scott

At least he didn’t get caught this time.

2. How to impress a dog & its owner 101

via IamEnidColeslaw

Oh, shoot! I’m swooning -The dog.

3. Hey, Whatcha talkin’ bout?

via @jothornely

It’s always just floating in the air.

4. Someone has got the brains.

via @jabush

Because of a dog without Instagram? Nuh-huh!

5. Some even have preferences.

via @Lizhackett

We get ya!

6. Woof actually means ‘I love you’ in the dog dictionary…

via @tbhjuststop

At least that’s what we like to believe.

7. We wonder what the dogs would prefer…

via @technicallyron

Fluff ball or Norman.

8. ‘To be old and wise, you must be young and stupid’

via @nopoweradeinusa

That says a lot about this doggo.

9. Unnecessary talks aren’t my thing ya know.

via @figgled

Just getting to the point is what I aim for. THAT DOG.

10. Dogs in uniform!

via @lauraelvery

Yep, that’s what we love!

11. When you’re the guest at your mum and dog’s place.

via @figgled

‘Oh, and eat your food baby. The dog needs food on time, would ya do that for me?’ -Mum

Having fun yet? We’re just getting started. Halfway through and these tweets have made us smile so wide. We’re loving it so far. But there’s more for you. You need to keep going in order to be filled with joy and maybe laugh a bit more. Go on!

12. There are a few things that the dogs already know…

via @blindchow

This is one of them.

13. ‘Today’s the day. I feel it. Today’s gonna be different’

via @lilghosthands
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Naaaaah. It ain’t!!!

14. Headline: The dog saves man from drowning!!

via @aparnapkin

…into his emotions. We love a doggo heroic moment.

15. When you’re already in trouble, but gotta play it cool.

via @murman5

‘Oh, it’s don’t try to act smart.’

16. Some wishes take time. Others are right there…

via @stefschwatz

Our hearts are exploding with love.

17. Dog thinking about how to stay calm so it doesn’t give away its plans…

via @lizhackett

We wouldn’t mind as long as it promises to stay in that shape.

18. Ain’t nobody gon’ tell him right?

via @sortabad

He would never know…*mwahaha*

19. When your crush suddenly starts liking you too..and you wonder how 😉

via kim

‘Ummm we’re just sitting, nothing more to it’ 

20. With a relationship comes a lot of sacrifices.

via @Skyla Leporis

Not even debt could do us part.

21. ‘Yeah, I have a lot of friends’… Judge: Explain this.

via @thesulk

The dogs are innocent!!

22. Get yourself a cat they said. It would be fun they said.

via @bazecraze

Yeah well, nobody talked about this.

23. Keep talking. I’m intrigued…

via @primawesome

By how amazing my dog looks. 

24. Duty calls!

via @DamienFahey

Gotta do what you gotta do.

25. ‘Hello mom, i’m alone at the party. Come get me’

via @thewoodenslurpy

Meanwhile, me, being the mom, standing in the corner avoiding everyone.

26. Exactly how you feel when you know your little bossy sibling is more loved.

oh no, he has learned a lot.

Too sad that these tweets are done for now. We’ve really had the best time reading those tweets. And truthfully, we’re glad to have them around for times when we’re feeling low. So if you think your life is ruff? Get a dog. And if you can’t, we’re here waiting for you to see the amazing dog posts we have. Share your thoughts in the comments below and let us know if these tweets made you smile. (We’re pretty paw-sitive they did)


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