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20 Pop Culture Comics With Surprising Endings And Dark Twists

Far from shy when it comes to touching on and making fun of sensitive topics, the people over at Bits and Pieces (Or BNP comics for short) are full of politically incorrect and rather unsafe humor. The draw that comes with their work is what a wide net they cast when appealing to audiences because they cover subjects like the novel coronavirus, programming, games like Among Us and Fall Guys, and even the US election!

Though, they have a lot of nuances when it comes to the US election. As is necessary when you’re touching on a difficult subject like that.

With how prolific and versatile their content can be, there’s always something for everyone. With little over a thousand followers on their humble Instagram account, you can bet that they’ll be quite the sensation soon enough. If you don’t believe me, you can check them out yourself, their style alone deserves credit.

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#1 Friends

The team, Harry, Carly, and Ali, are from Michigan, and have said in an interview with BoredPanda:

“We are in the tech industry and we wanted to make comics that captured that experience.” 

Harry himself stated:

“I have been drawing since I was little. I went more towards the software side because I didn’t think it could be a career. After working for a couple years, I felt an urge to express my creative side,”

#2 How could you, Bob?


#3 Doctors


According to their Instagram bio of being a group of nerds, both Ali and Carly are certified nerds, with them pursuing PhDs in Cryptography and Cancer research respectively.

“We met in high school and there really is no friction at all. We believe our collaboration is our advantage over other creators. We met Carly in high school as well and she is more on the consulting side.”

#4 Changing Room


#5 Merging


They further explained:

“Our comics are about mostly tech, but also things we see in the world. We want to be more laymen. We feel like we’re funny and we want to share that with people. Being in serious PhD programs and the tech industry, there aren’t many opportunities to be creative.”

#6 Interviews


#7 Quarantine


They disagree with the idea that their content has excessive dark undertones:

 “We don’t try to be dark, I think we’re all just depressed and we express that through our comics. I hope we can relate to people who feel like they can’t make it in the software industry or people dealing with depression. A lot of our comics have been about impostor syndrome because that’s something I personally deal with.”

#8 Fall Guys: Elimination


#9 Falling


They weren’t shy to touch on the pandemic either!

“The pandemic is definitely something we wrote about to deal with it as we’re quarantined. We didn’t think our comics would still be so relatable now so long after the pandemic started but here we are.”

#10 Video calls


#11 Imposter

#12 John


#13 College experience

#14 Testing


#15 Masks

#16 Cyan sus


#17 Christmas

#18 Password


#19 Authentication

#20 Doing your part


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