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23 Acts Of Creative And Positive Vandalism

It doesn’t matter how bad your day has been due to whatever reason; you must find some positive energy in your surroundings. However, the question is how to spot these positive aspects. It’s all around you, to be honest. All you need is a creative mind to turn anything into something amusing, hilarious, or creative


Vandalism can be extremely funny and entertaining! Yes, you read that right. Vandalism is something that should not be feared at all. The word itself is dreadful, and all that comes to mind when you hear it are terrible and awful events, destructions, and other such calamities. But, what if we said that sometimes it is the use of imagination that makes vandalism humorous and witty rather than giving off negative vibes? Well, we don’t encourage vandalism as most of the time it’s downright annoying. However, at times when the creative minds combine these spots with their creativity, the end results are pretty hilarious.

We’ve compiled a list of some destructive spots that have been transformed into something creative by the public, and you won’t believe your eyes when you see them. thanks to these creative minds for transforming these signs and devastations into something vibrant and for bringing life to these dull areas.

1. That’s Bruce Lee, not Marshal Law (From Tekken)

Via Oakoak

2. Oh Marge, that’s you.

Via GallowBoob

“Whoever Did This Deserves A F***ing Beer”

3. Why Pacman is always hungry?

Via secretlakr

“Clever Street Art”

4. iPaid for the iPad!


“Advertisement Hacker Don’t Like Apple”

5. C’mon man, you can do it!

Via ColourScientist


6. Is that an Alien from the UFO?

Via johnlemonson

7. Cigarette? Nah! it’s a “No Pie” sign.

Via johnlemonson

8. Wow! Didn’t realize that there are two messages in this icon.

Via sooo_many

“1 Out Of Every 3 Snakes”

9. Touch me not, Dandelion!


“Please Do Not Touch”

10. You only Yo-Yo once!

Via GallowBoob

“Subtle Yoyo Vandalism”

11. So cool!

Via Calcd_Uncertainty

“Looks Heavy”

12. Stay clean!

Via SirJukesALot

“Sculpture Hack”

13. Indeed, only a creative mind can do this.

Via Leafy_Seadrago

“To Whoever Put This On The Men’s Bathroom Light. You’re A Genius, Sir!”

14. Well, it’s not vandalism. It’s creativity!

Via buttonose

“Canadian Vandalism”

15. Even comic characters Calvin & Hobbes are part of Vandalism.

Via johnlemonson

16. King Kong, is that you?

Via SmileyFace-_-

“Mini Kong”

17. Cookie Monster really needs some COOKIES!

Via gotemyey

18. Right in the feels, bro!

Via _D4Z3_

“Aren’t We All?”

19. Absolutely genius!

Via ZadocPaet

“No Bills”

20. Where’s the rest of the conversation?

via Bierrr

“A Few Nice Ones”

21…and use your brain!

Via Bierrr

“What A Great Life Hack”

22. Everything was fine until we saw that face!

Via kewko

“Found This In My Italy Trip Archive, Think It Belongs Here”

23. Lastly, the best one so far-t!

Via StupidNewGuy

“I Don’t Always Laugh At Vandalism, But When I Do…”

What are your thoughts on these hilarious images? Let us know in the comments area below! Also, don’t forget to share these images with your friends and families to make their day brighter and better.


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