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30 Dumbest Decisions Companies And Managers Regretted Instantly After Taking Them

Companies portray an image as if there is no entity better than itself when they are hiring new employees. They are shown a dream world where they will reach all the heights they ever wanted to achieve.


The main problem with companies like such is they never think about adjusting to the dynamic, ever-changing policies. They are focused to achieve the goals they have set using fixed strategies and not making any changes to the policies as per need. This is why so many companies fall into the ditch before even the first boost towards the sky.

Such organizations make decisions that are not in the best interest of anyone including the company itself and they only realize it after what a big mistake they made. It is always after and that becomes their biggest source of instant regret.

Today, we are going to read through some decisions taken by companies that bit them right in their butts quite instantly and left them with nothing but absolute regret.

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1. They let go of the one factor that brought them success and that was anonymity. And it resulted in Yik Yak shutting down.

2. Yahoo made a big error in 1998.


3. They didn’t honor their employees.


4. Why would they do that to a perfectly running business?


5. A close call.


6. An offer for the customers made them lose millions of dollars.


7. And it did not work…obviously.


8. Who in his right mind at the corporate office this strategy would work?


9. So Kevin O’Leary is a business world villain.


10. Lucky for them, they managed to survive it.


11. The user is always right and Digg didn’t listen to their users.

12. Customers really are that dumb.


13. Windows Phones was a disaster.

14. They were too ambitious while making the contract.


15. They thought it would attract a huge customer base but ended up getting stuck in a vicious cycle of losses.

The thing is, these are not little businesses we are talking about here, these are giant organizations that literally shot themselves straight in the foot. Just check out the importance of decision-making in a business. It can make or break you within seconds at times.

Some of the names I have read literally surprised me because I never thought they could make a bad decision. Just goes on to show no one is perfect.

Let’s read through some more businesses regretting bad decisions. Scroll down to continue!

16. Just because they didn’t bother to update any of their layouts.


17. Western Union missed out big time.

18. This is the weirdest mall and theatre related policy I have ever read.


19. This is just the dumbness of the American people, not the bad decision taken by the burger company.

20. Facebook’s success was owed to other companies taking bad decisions.


21. A strategy to attract customers ended up making the business shut down.

22. They kicked their own business in the butt.


23. A transition from offering free services to paid services has never worked out for any company.

24. Kodak said no to digital and they went down with the decision.

25. A major mistake YouTube made. Fortunately for them, they saved it.

26. They didn’t realize their true worth.

27. And it cost them everything.


28. They basically cleared the way for Amazon.

29. This shows the true importance of doing your research right.


30. Changing to a fully paid hosting service model just didn’t work out.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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