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Pet Owners Shared Hysterical Quirks Of Their Cats and Dogs

The most endearing aspect of animals is that they are unpredictable and, as a result, incredibly entertaining. Funny animal photographs do more than just make us chuckle; they also serve a purpose. They demonstrate the amusing (and often downright humorous) side of an animal’s personality. Whether you enjoy hilarious dog photographs, a cat’s quirkiness, or other amusing pet pictures, there’s always time to have a look at these photos on the internet. We’re paw-sitive you’ll burst out laughing when you see these amusing felines and canines. The Internet was basically invented for the purpose of sharing quirky animal photographs. Here are some of the best to brighten your day and put a smile on your face.

1. If you’re looking for an adorable baby, go for a husky!

via © Brotems / Reddit

“He has to be tucked in before I go to work or he cries when I leave.”

2. We all need a cat like Pixar, who will cheer us up when we’re feeling down!

via © trendfoll / Reddit

“This is Pixar, she seems to know when I’m down and does something silly to make me laugh.”

3. No matter how large, dogs will always be puppies!

via © tugboat_tyler / Reddit

“How my parents’ Great Dane puppy lies on the ottoman he outgrew”

4. Cats tend to find the weirdest places to lay on!

via © ZZbrew / Reddit

“Solved: why my pants always have a line of cat fur across the leg”

5. “I like affection but I’m a bit shy”!

via © TheStonedRanger / Reddit

“My friend’s dog likes to awkwardly hold hands with whoever sits next to her.”

6. Who says long-distance friendships don’t last?!

via © litlrich / Reddit

“My cat having her weekly FaceTime with her best friend Zoey who used to live next door”

7. This picture should be framed!

via © PixelRabbit_ / Reddit

“My cats all hunting a moth”

8. He definitely doesn’t want to blow things up with his girlfriend!

via © HOBbitDAY / Reddit

“My dog has a girlfriend who lives across the street. This was his face when she came over for Valentine’s Day.”

9. Yes, those eyes are real. So, fascinating!

via © yougotyrcherrybomb / Reddit

“Oftentimes, my cat has a ’Darn, did I leave the stove on?’ look on her face.”

10. Awe! Someone is afraid to go to the vet.

via © iAmyy / Reddit

“Our dog went to the vet and she got so nervous her paws started sweating and leaving marks on the floor.”

11. The most adorable expression of horror ever!

via © theotheronewhoknox / Reddit

“Just moved into a house with a much larger bathtub. The cats are concerned for our safety.”

12. “Mom, am I a spider?”

via © RikMon23 / Reddit

“My dog sits in the weirdest way.”

13. “I’m a cute little fluff ball!”

via © Melssenator / Reddit

“My dog insists on cramming himself into small places and under things so we made a make-shift bed for under our printer.”

14. “Wait hold up! What are you arresting me for?!”

via © kirakittykatt / Imgur

15. Talk about boon companions!

via © hollowcaster / Reddit

“My dog loves laying in the bathtub, and my cat loves laying on my dog.”

16. This looks like a super comfortable practice!

via © zer8ne / Reddit

“My Japanese cat loves to sit near my rice cooker and smell the steam of freshly cooked rice.”

17. Somebody get this doggo a good steak!

via © natrose19 / Reddit

“As I was leaving a restaurant I noticed an elderly man wheeling in his dog (Moose) in a wagon. ’He wanted a steak.’ ”

18. How much for that remote controller, Sir?

via © uninsomnia / Reddit

“Our cat is obsessed with blanket forts, so we made him this. He has wares if you have coin.”

Have any of these adorable and amusing pets brought back memories of your own cat or dog? If yes, feel free to share them with us!


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