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20 Solid Reasons To Fall In Love With A Cat Person

When you live with someone for long, their habits start to rub off on you. You slowly start morphing into them. It’s like a slow fusion that happens without your knowledge. The two become one. You unknowingly adopt their lifestyle and carry on your routine activities as if nothing happened. This is a kind of change that only a third person can notice. So, if you own a cat, the chances are you doing quite a few things like your cat, but you don’t know.


To help you better understand yourself, or anyone in your life who you know is a cat person, we have done a complete break-down of some of the main things that cat people do.

So, get ready to be amazed. Scroll down and check it out!

#1 Cat people don’t expect to be loved; they know you have to earn it.

We have to earn our place in our cat’s heart. So, naturally, living with them affects the way we think.

#2 And that goes both ways: they need to be won over too.


They are realists. They believe one has to make his/her place in another person’s heart.

#3 But once they’re sure they like you they’ll be loving and loyal.


Cat people never take those for granted who prove their worth.

#4 And they can put up with a lot.


They know genuine people are hard to come by, so they hold on to them even if it means to compromise on some things.

#5 Cat people are sensitive souls and will always think about your needs.


They are some of the most considerate people on the planet. They care a lot for those they love.

#6 But they also understand when they need to put themselves first.


At the same time, however, they know it’s not selfish to put yourself first when you need to.

#7 They’re especially good at doing nothing at all.


Cat people love slacking off. It’s simply because cats are generally lazy and the two live together.

#8 But they’re also not without a sense of adventure.


Their laziness clouds their judgement so much that often times they find themselves in quite “interesting” situations.

#9 Cat people are used to getting up early, but they might not have an alarm clock.


This one is self-explanatory.

#10 Cat people believe that just because everyone else does one thing, it doesn’t mean it’s right for you.


Cat people are their own boss. They don’t follow the rules; they make them.

#11 Cat people really appreciate some alone time, so will always respect other people’s need for some time out.

They know that life can sometimes be overwhelming, and so people need time alone to get things right.

#12 But they also know that those who nap together stay together.


That’s a fact.

#13 And they’ll be excellent napping companions because they’re used to staying very still in bed.

Since they would rather die than disturb the little one sleeping in their lap, they make great sleeping partners.

#14 Cat people might be a little shy at first.


They don’t readily trust people. Which is quite understandable considering they only let those people into their lives who they know for sure are worthy.

#15 But they’ll open up when you get to know them.

But once they are sure, you will get to see their freaky side.

#16 Cat people know how to have a good bitch.


It’s quite common in cat people to whine and complain about things. They know that sometimes people need to vent which is why they also make great listeners.

#17 And they have an excellent sense of humour.

Oh, yes! Let’s not forget cat people are absolutely hilarious. From making irrelevant references to pointing out funny details, cat people are fun to hangout with.

#18 Cat people can be super caring.


When they love, they love hard. They may put themselves first at times, but they also don’t hesitate in making sacrifices for those they care about.

#19 Cat people are good at staying positive, as most of the time they have to put up with grumpy animals.

They’re used to putting effort and making others smile. To put it simply, they are great entertainers. You can’t possibly be bored in the company of a cat person.

#20 They’ll never be controlling, because they’re not used to being in charge.


If you ever date a cat person, just know that you’ll have to make all the decisions.

Cat people would never take love for granted.

Cat people are not easy to impress. So, if they are ever close to you just know that they love you very much.

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