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26 Pets Who Tried Their Best To Be Angry But Ended Up Looking Cute Instead

Pets look cute when they get angry.

Are you having a rough day? Well, you are not alone! Your furry friends are having a rough day and a bad mood too. Animals are known for their kind and happy nature but some animals are not like this. Seems like they were born angry. No matter what you do to make them happy or change their mood, they would always give you an angry look. We have real-life angry birds, grumpy cats, furious dogs and much more. We have compiled photos of 26 pets who tried their best to be angry but ended up looking cute. We are sure they will make you go aww. Scroll down and enjoy!

1. A wrinkled cat who is always angry:

© xherdanthenakedcat / instagram© xherdanthenakedcat / instagram

2. “So I saw this fluffy guy in the park, who looks totally pissed off.”


© katieeerose / reddit

Can somebody take me home?

3. An overweight angry bird:


4. Who ate my chocolates that were in the fridge?


© Unreachyosoul / reddit

5. When she is sleepy and you disturb her by filming her:


© Tinotin1 / reddit

6. When she is not happy with her snow statue:


© ASecretSeal / reddit

7. “You’re getting ready for bed without serving me dinner? Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin!”


© sally_alberta / reddit

Serve me dinner first, you stupid human!

8. A judgmental baby ostrich face:


© annrkiszt / flickr

9. When you are mad but your owner buys your ice cream:


10. The face that you make right after waking up:


11. When your new friend is angry af:

© Tiopy / reddit

12. When you buy a product from Amazon and they send you the wrong one:


© Gamersarenotstraight / reddit

Smol, angry, chubby.

13. When your whole life is a disappointment:

© chosala / reddit

Look at this little guy who is trying to act angry. Little does he know that he is looking adorable. We know, they cannot stay angry for very long. After all, they love their humans and at the end of the day, they would curl up around their hooman and forget everything that made them angry. Scroll down for more.

14. When you give your cat a bath and now she hates you:


© pipertakespictures / reddit

15. When you are offended for getting called “cute” because you know you are handsome:

16. When you hate taking a bath:


© in2diep / instagram

17. “I ate the grumpy cat”

© 750_I_NEED_MONEY / reddit

Literally, he is serving the looks of a serial killer.

18. When it is your birthday and you are not happy with your birthday cake:


© huskyanuko/ Instagram

19. So much aggression in this tiny turtle:

© Unknown / imgur

20. When you have an angry bird in your backyard:


© Moracy / reddit

21. Our Monday mood:

© cpl77 / imgur

22. That’s my watermelon, don’t dare to take it:


© Unknown / imgur

23. “He might have been angry because he got busted eating dirt. But, he always looks this mad.”

© ferrariletigre / reddit

You can not stop me from eating dirt.

24. “My very own angry bird!”


© Snilefisken / reddit

Tiniest angry bird.

25. “Grumpy cat is overrated and I think my dog can now take the role of Grumpy dog”

© Grumpupthepup / imgur

Who thinks he looks like Samuel L. Jackson?

26. We think he looks like Simba from “The Lion King” but he does not seem to be happy:


© obnoxiousgoods/ Instagram

Does your pet stay angry all the time for no reason? If yes, share your pet’s photos with us in the comments section down below. Also, mention your favorite ones from our list.


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