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30 Heartwarming Pet Rescue Stories That Show Importance Of Adoption

First things first, adopting a pet can be a big decision for anyone as it definitely brings a lot of responsibility with it. A lot of research goes into it and finding the perfect fit for your family can be a process that takes some time and effort. The rewards though are so worth it! Having a new loving floofy member of the family can be a delightful experience for any family and the joy that a pet brings is one that cannot be easily matched by any other experience!


A subreddit titled r/BeforeNAfterAdoption showcases animals who have been adopted into new homes and are now living a better life with the company of their very own hooman family who they love and adore. Having these animals rescued and embraced by people who welcome them in a loving home is one of the most wholesome occurrences that is a true delight to behold! So we are truly grateful that this subreddit exists to make our day and warm our hearts.

The following photos will hopefully be an inspiration for you to adopt a pet of your very own or donate to your own neighborhood animal shelter just to show your love for these adorable furballs who deserve a happy home and better living conditions! So let’s start scrolling for you to get an idea of how happy animals can be when settling into a new home of their own!

1. You can sense the excitement

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2. Cuddles after a long time

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3. This blind cat deserves a loving hooman

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4. Think they’re getting along

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5. Happiest with her new hooman

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6. Giving himself a house tour

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7. New best friend

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8. A floof amongst floofs

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When the COVID-19 pandemic began, people began to adopt animals in huge numbers as they needed company during the lockdown. Everyone just wanted some kind of companionship and clearly, pet adoption was a common choice. Animal shelter and rescue authorities were worried that once lockdown was lifted, people would return their pets. However, reports suggested otherwise.

9. Protecting her own

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10. Found a new playmate!

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The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) discovered and published new information based on a national poll with 5,020 participants. Based on this poll, approximately 1 in every 5 households adopted a dog or a cat since the beginning of the pandemic and this came down to a whopping 23 million American households that had adopted new pets overall.

11. Netflix and chill

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12. Lounging around

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“The vast majority of these households still have that pet in the home—90 percent for dogs and 85 percent for cats—and are not considering rehoming their pet in the near future,” the ASPCA stated. “Despite alarmist headlines tied to regional reports of a surge in owner surrenders, this trend is not currently evident on a national level with many organizations simply seeing a return to pre-pandemic operations and intake.”

13. Living his best life

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14. Playing with his new favorite toys!

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15. Giving you his best dapper smile

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“This incredibly stressful period motivated many people to foster and adopt animals, as well as further cherish the pets already in their lives, and our recent research shows no significant risk of animals being rehomed by their owners now or in the near future as a result of the lifting of pandemic-related restrictions,” Matt Bershadker, ASPCA President and CEO stated. “Pets are still providing their families with joy and comfort, regardless of changes in circumstances, and loving owners continue to recognize and appreciate the essential role pets play in their lives.”

16. This floof has our heart!

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17. This boi just wants to give love!

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18. Won’t let his hooman work today

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19. Peaceful naps in her own home

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With restrictions being lifted across America, the people who adopted pets are very happy with their decision and continue to integrate their new furry friends into their families and their households. These adopted pets have been fully embraced by their new human families and there is little concern about returning them. It seems that these families have adjusted these pets into their routine and are loving every minute of it!

20. This naughty little kitty has the cutest paws!

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21. Her fav blanket

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22. Can barely contain his joy

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“Although some pet owners expressed general concerns, 87 percent of respondents shared that they are not considering rehoming their animal, suggesting that pet owners remain committed to caring for their cats and dogs,” ASPCA said.

It is important to remember that even though there is not a high rate of pet returns across the country, there may be some reasons why people find it difficult to keep pets because of elements not in their own control.

23. Waiting to play with her new hoomans

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24. Warm hugs and cuddles all day

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25. Could do this all day

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“The ASPCA encourages any pet owner who may be considering rehoming their pet to enlist the support of a friend or neighbor—or to reach out to a shelter or rescue organization in their area, as the staff can often provide advice and assistance,” the ASPCA stated.

Pet owners worry about their dogs experiencing separation anxiety and as routines change and people start going out again, this change may be difficult for some doggos to handle. There are some helpful resources available to help these pets and owners ease the transition period and work with professionals who can make this period easier and smoother.

26. This big doggo is a baby at heart

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27. Embraced his hooman’s home

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28. Those eyes tho!

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29. Perfect napping position

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30. Identical twins

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Now that we’ve reached the end of these adorable adopted pets, it is important to remember the gravity of the decision. For pets, getting adopted and moving into a new home can be an overwhelming experience and once they settle into their new home and get comfortable, further changes or reversals could upset them greatly and make their quality of life suffer. The ASPCA sheds light on these issues and proposes solutions to make this time easier.

Once you make the decision to adopt a pet, it will change your life in a beautiful new way! You just have to be prepared to embrace the process and truly embrace it as a part of your everyday routine. If you liked these photos, let us know which one was your favorite in the comments and share your opinions about pet adoption and ways to make the process easier, smoother, and better for the new pets and owners involved.


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