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Restaurant Manager Completely Destroys Customer Who Gives False Review On Their Website

The customer is always right.

Yeah, that’s not true. Customers can sometimes be total jerks and people are just expected to believe that they are right. I think they take advantage because they believe they have some sort of edge over the employees. After all, the company runs because of the customers, correct? Well, that’s a toxic mindset and people who mistreat employees and complain without reason are just pathetic.


All of this is not rocket science, but still some people don’t get this. Maybe, it’s just because there’s no cure for being an as*hole. The woman in the post below left a one-star-review for a restaurant she had dinner at. According to the review she left, the food was no good, the service was substandard, and most of all the management was ‘condescending’ and ‘unhelpful.’ Though she left a long and detailed review it lacked one important element which was the ‘truth.’

After seeing her review, the manager of the restaurant decided to add some key facts that the lady seemed to have missed.

The screenshots below were shared by u/scaredofalligators to r/MuderedByWords on Reddit. Scroll on below and see how the manager destroyed the customer in just one reply.

Here’s the review that the rude customer left.

Upon seeing that she had left quite some important details, the manager decided to write back.


I mean, what gives you the right to walk into a place and act like you own it? Whether it’s a grocery store, a shopping mall, or even a restaurant, you can’t just do whatever you want and have disregard for the employees that work there. Employees work to FACILITATE you, not to tolerate your bullsh*t and apologize for things they don’t do.

She didn’t even have to pay for two meals.


How ungrateful can a person possibly be? What was she expecting them to do? Give her a million dollars and solve all her life problems? If you’re reading this, that’s not how it works, Karen!


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