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People Share Ridiculous Things Their Craziest Neighbors Have Done

Neighbors are an essential component of your life as they impact you in many ways you do not know. It might not be in your hands where you live but you must always choose your neighbors wisely as there is always an option. Because once you settle in, it’s difficult to move and your neighbor’s questionable behavior never changes.


Neighbors can make your life as pleasant as winter morning sun and as dreadful as your worst nightmare. When it comes to roommate, it becomes more annoying when your roommate is a pain in the ass. Having a dirty roommate is so hard it makes your head hurt aa you have to clean their messes too being a clean freak. To maintain a healthy environment, you can not even argue with your stupid roommate to mind their behavior. You have to keep up with their shit by all means. Honestly, we wish we have the option to change our neighbors or roommates but unfortunately it comes to changing our own homes, therefore, we cannot. On the other hand, getting good neighbors who are decent, kind and sensible is a blessing. It makes your life so much better specially if you recently moved somewhere.

To annoy you, you have collected 12 such stories from reddit users who shared stories from their ridiculous behavior at different times. Scroll down till the end to enjoy some crazy laughter.

1. A redditor asked this question and people had a lot to say..

Via u/oilpaintroses

2. This must feel tragic, border dispute is a real issue


Via u/Vizzini_CD

3. How can someone steal your flowers? I mean..


Via u/lalalimabean

4. I am wondering he must have OCD, as he did not park in his own garage.


Via u/StretchDude

5. He definitely is not in his right head


Via u/MajorSagittarius12

6. Imagine living with a neighbor who punctures tires with nails


There’s more so you have to keep scrolling. The craziness of these neighbors is yet to get on your mind. Read till end end to witness some crazy content.

Via u/Dahhhkness

7. This is ridiculous, why would someone use your swimming pool in your absence in your own house?


Via u/Linux4ever_Leo

8. Turns out, people can become police officer and call you in.


Via u/fluffybabypuppies

9. This is insane, I wonder how such people exist


Via u/JimmyHerbertKnockers

10. These really look like interesting times..


Via u/MerMadeMeDolt

11. Cutting grass at same pattern to build uniformity in neighborhood, seriously?

Via u/mrsheikh

12. How can a human cease or desist a tree? I need explanations


So, what are your remarks about these crazy stories? I can not help but wonder how were these people coping up with them. It must have been super hard. Have you neighbors ever did something as crazy as this? I am sure you all have these interesting stories to tell us. Do not forget to mention them in the comment section as we would love to read them. If you want to read similar content in future too, stay connected to defused and keep visiting to witness crazy content.

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