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21 Cats And Dogs That Will Help In Increasing Happy Hormones

Cats and dogs fill our lives with happiness.

Animals have proven to decrease stress, lower the risk of heart attacks and bring positive emotions. They are full of unconditional love and they spread it around them. Whether they are sleeping in a weird position or getting fresh out of the bath, their hilarious expressions burst us with laughter. If you have been feeling sad or having really rough days, you are just at the right place. Today, we have 21 adorable photos of cats and dogs that are ready to increase your level of happiness. Scroll down to begin the fun!

1. “My cat met a baby deer today.”

© uncleskeleton / reddit

They are already in love with each other.

2. Meet Zen cat, the most peaceful cat ever!


© kagonekoshiro© unknown/imgur

3. This dog has something in his mind:


© FluffyBicepz / reddit

4. Human, I need your attention. Stop doing what you are doing and cuddle with me.

© cyan1618 / reddit

5. “My dog trying acupuncture”


© Katch922 / imgur

6. Cat: Human, why did you do this to me?


© iJudgePeopleForALiving / imgur

7. Meet Dennis. He is a good-looking cross-eyed doggo!


© DisDudeForReal / reddit

8. She will not leave you alone.


© gagnatron5000 / reddit

9. Mama and baby both have the same color scheme.


© nok22 / reddit

10. Love the toe beans.


© Cateye7 / imgur

Ever wondered what our lives would be like without cats and dogs? We cannot begin to imagine life without them. Our lives would have been dull and boring without their existence. It is due to these selfless animals that we still believe in love. These cute animals bring a purpose to life and make people happier. They can make a gloomy day brighter. Scroll down for more!

11. What we want on hot summer days:


© mattjh / reddit

12. Proof that cats are liquid:

© soul7963 / reddit

13. “This is Rudy. Rudy loves me. Rudy is not my cat.”


© whatsinmypocketses / reddit

Little Rudy wants to get in.

14. How can she play with another cat on the TV when I am here?

© Chachoregard / reddit

Cat is offended by her behavior.

15. Pictorial representation of a typical sibling relationship:


© pikabu

16. Find a doggo. Whoever spots the doggo will get to cuddle with him.

© nigaiii / reddit

17. When nothing can make you wake up from a deep sleep:


© sedalati / reddit

18. From “I haven’t done anything” face to “I know something about you” face real quick:

© diegoacarrillo / reddit

19. “This is Gus. We can’t touch or come within 2 meters of him, but we still love him.”


© chopsfred39 / reddit

20. When he refuses to leave bed:

© _eclair / reddit

21. “This cat seems to have come to us from another universe. And here are her first impressions.”

© thund3rbolt / imgur

Animals are just so precious and full of pawsitive energy. We love vibing with cats and dogs. They are our favorite. What about you? Which of these animals made you laugh today? Comment down to let us know if you liked this list of cute cats and dogs or not?


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