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People Share Their Stories Of Choosing Pets Over Exes And What Happened Next

Who you prioritize is what defines you.

It is a very well-known fact here that we absolutely love animals. They are a blessing from the gods and those who have pets are extremely lucky. Like they are superior to all others who don’t have a pet animal. It’s because these animals remove all stress from life and fill all voids with nothing but love, joy, trustworthiness, and hilarity. They are a complete package and we really do not deserve them. Because all they ask for in return is pure love and an undying bond. Once that inseparable bond forms, there is nothing but unconditional affection between the pet and its owner. And that pet then decides it would do anything in its power to protect its owner, like literally anything. And if required, they tend to go beyond limits too. All this is because love is the strongest power.

Now say you fall in love with someone, something very natural to happen. But now hear this one. What if your partner doesn’t value your pet the way you expected them to. Now we should respect everyone’s opinion but it’s like not paying attention to your biological child, that could be problematic. Pets hold a really high position in some people’s lives and that rank cannot be taken away, no matter how hard you try, it is what it is.

Let’s look at some examples of people choosing their pets over their now-ex. I think they all made the right decision.

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Here comes the question we all want to be answered.


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And here come the responses:

1. Fine you don’t like that animal, respect your opinion. But why the f*ck would you kick that poor thing?


Like that animal can’t even understand what the human is feeling and kicking it means that animal is going to find it hard to trust strangers.

Via u/clarkyto

2. You made the right choice. Had it been a diabetic human, I wonder what their take would have been about them.


Double standards at their peak.

Via u/buffalosansbuffalo

3. The best realization ever, to know the wroth of your animal and the fact that it is far more than a human who doesn’t want that animal to have a forever home.


Via u/hoomphree

4. That’s the sort of happy endings we need and we need a lot of them.


It’s like letting go of a child you birthed. It cannot happen and thank god, it did not happen.

Via u/Wildcatb

5. Heroes for saving the cat’s life and giving it a new forever home.

And look what the cat did, she consoled he consoled his owner through a breakup. That’s called loyalty and deep trust.


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6. One should never let go of family because family is what always comes in clutch.

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It is what it is. If you want them to honor and respect all your family members, you are supposed to do the same. That dog, rabbit, cat, is a family member and they are to be valued the same way as the human members of the family.

Decisions, right decisions. Let’s look at some more. Scroll down below to continue,

7. Reality is often disappointing.


Via u/Shishi432234

8. Yeah for some reason they feel they are entitled to all the love and are far superior to animals.

Not in this case you weren’t. It’s that animal that stayed, and not you.

Via u/Fancy_Cassowary

9. You can’t let them go when you have seen them grow up before your eyes. It just cannot happen.


In the case of kid adoptions, so hard when you see that baby grow up, start crawling and walking. It is really tough to let go. It’s the same with pets.

Via u/queerqunari

10. There do exist humans who know what compromise means. And look at the results.

If it is true love, it will come back to you.

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11. Guess who was the real dirty fleebag? Try it.


Via u/Aurora_Jones

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