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Retired Photographer Rescues A Sick Stray Cat And Changed It’s Life

Japan is known to be obsessed with cats. This is especially because in Japanese folklore tradition, cats are known to have protective powers and as a lucky charm that helps bring in fortunes for the owner. They are so common that if you ever go to Japan, you will see them everywhere. From their statues to their stuffed toys to actual cats, they are everywhere and they are loved. That is not only because of what they symbolize in the Japanese culture but because they are so loveable and adorable that it would be hard to stay away. And that is exactly what happened with James R. Jones, a retired photographer, who just couldn’t help but rescue a stray cat.

Around 4 years ago, James found a stray cat covered in ticks, fleas, and a skin infected so bad that to him it “felt like stone”, outside his house in Japan.

Meet Chataro

James and his wife did not hestitate before deciding to keep him.

Chataro was a weak cat and could not even stand properly.


Which is why they took him to the vet immediately. However, they found out that not only does he have some health issues that can be easily seen but Chataro also has severe eye and teeth infection and on top of that he had feline luekemia.

Chataro in his now fur-ever home


Chataro had to undergo a surgery which, fortunately, worked wonders for this little boy.

Not sure if he is just sleepy or really serious


Although the surgery helped with the larger issue at hand, Chataro still needs treatment for the eye infection almost daily.

Yep, probably just serious


Now, Chataro is someone who is happy, healthy and ready to cuddle any time any where. But according to James, he wasn’t like that when they had first met each other.

This one loves cuddling and staying warm


Infact, it took a lot of time for him to open up and start socializing. We don’t know what exactly happened but anybody would have a hard time trusting humans after being treated badly.

Him and his hot-water bottle


Which is exactly how Chataro had felt because all he needed was patience, love, care, and kindness to finally accept that James and his wife are only there to help their new little kitty.

Those eyes! Who wouldn’t love them?


To James, Chataro is the best friend. And we feel like that feeling is mutual!

“I work from home, so we’re always together in the same room, where he sits on the desk staring at me, and from time to time climbing into my lap when he thinks I need a break or there might be the chance of a treat for him.”

Such a handsome cat!



“He was surprisingly docile from the get-go. He was terrified of everything and everyone, so whenever we had to pick him up he’d just go limp. We kept him in a large cage for the first month, and although the door was never shut on it, he spent all of the time huddled into one corner of it. We spent endless hours sitting by the door trying to coax him out with treats and kind words, but it still took over a month. Time wasn’t isn’t a problem, and money has to be spent on something, so why not a little cat in need? The lucky one in all this is me – I can’t tell you how happy he makes me”, says James.

How can they look so adorable while sleeping?


This is what happens when people wake cats up mid nap

Did we mention sleeping on James’ hat is Chataros favorite spot?


This is the same cat that had very bad skin issues

Staring at you until you leave work and give me cuddles – Chataro


This is him next to his favorite window.

Wonder who he’s eyeing like that.

And he also.. Rawrs?


Well well, if it isn’t the actual owner of the chair

The mighty, Chataro!


Getting up there to get a better angle.

How long do I have to wait for, hooman?

Chataros angry face!


Could be used as an emoji as well!

We are happy that there are people out there who don’t mind stepping out of their comfort zones to help these poor animals. We would love to have the kind of bond that James and Chataro share. What did you think of this story? Let us know in the comments section below.

Image source: James R. Jones


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