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Then vs Meow: How Technology Has Changed Cats’ Lives With Time

Do you think humans are the only ones whose lives have been affected by technology?

In today’s world, who doesn’t use phones, television or laptops, etc? Literally, every household has these essential gadgets which are now a part of everyday life and without them, life would seem quite incomplete. Just like us, our cats also had to adjust to the new norm and get used to things. Cats are very clever animals and they know what’s best for them. So, even with the changing world, they knew how to adapt to the new life and live likes there’s no tomorrow. Whether it is playing, bird-watching, hunting a mouse, or as simple as sleeping – they’ve mastered it all!

This article is a compilation of different pictures that depict cats’ lives in the form of ‘then and meow’ – what a clever way to put it though! You will definitely be surprised to see how cats used to do things before VS after technology made its way into our lives. It perfectly portrays their everyday life and how they have learned to evolve themselves so cleverly. Would you like to see how cats have adjusted to the new and growing world? Scroll down and see for yourself.


Via Cat2see,Michael Nagle

Well, that changed dramatically!

2. Bird-watching with the buddies

Via The Creative Cat,imgur

3. Making memories with the hooman!

Via Madison Iseman,Tamarahektor

The ‘meow’ picture is kinda scary dude!

4. We upgraded to a nice house though!

Via Sudsington,Liz Buckley

Why does the first cat look so pissed? Maybe he’s not happy with his house!?

5. You gotta upgrade the game!

Via Sari ONeal,One Fast Cat

6. Kids these days, I tell you…

Via Trianons Oficial

Well, you surely must be enjoying the article and if you’re a cat owner, we are pretty sure that you can relate to some of these scenarios too. Also, you don’t gotta worry because you’re just halfway through the article and there is more in the lot for you. So keep scrolling to look for even more before and after pictures of cute cats adapting to the tech world.

7. Well, cats are better at this than humans!

Via Cat CATastrophes

“Single hot feline, just one click away, enjoys long walks down alley ways, and smoked salmon. Considers herself to have a feisty personality.” –AmandaPanda

8. Now you can go fishing anytime, anywhere!

Via Xiedubbel,Gary J. Wood

That sounds interesting, hmm.

9. Cat with cats…

Via imgur

Catception is real!

10. Yarns or wires? What’s better?

Via,Rose Pedal

Honestly, can’t decide at all

11. Is anything even real anymore?

12. Well, it’s still a ‘mouse’ after all!

Via Budimir Jevtic

13. Kitty loves the heat!

Via madaise,IvanPaw-lov

This cat adapted to the new norm quite cleverly

14. Won’t let you work

Via Peter Lynn,Plush

15. Sleepy cat in trouble!

Via Anna Pavlova

Unfortunately, here this article comes to an end. You must have thoroughly enjoyed the pictures of kitties and how they have moulded themselves to fit into the new world full of technology. Well, you can now confirm that cats like to do everything in their own way and hence they also learned new things like watching birds or fishing through a screen. Since cats are quite lazy generally, this change has probably benefitted them a lot – don’t you agree? We would love to hear about your thoughts in the comment section below. Share with friends and let them have a little laugh too!


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