The Blind And Deaf Dog Abandoned By His Family Now Helps Other Animals Feel Safe and Loved

Although Sherio the dog hasn’t always had it easy, he hasn’t let that make him resentful or cruel. Instead, this gorgeous puppy has made the decision to provide other foster pets the security they need. Sherio, who now resides in a loving and supportive home, is all too aware of how unsettling moving into a new home can be. And while we were writing about him, our hearts began to melt because of his touching narrative.

He’s been turned down a lot.

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Sherio struggled to find a forever home due to the fact that he is not only deaf but also partially blind. He has spent time in two shelters, twelve foster homes, and even four adoptions, all of which resulted in his return.It took time for him to find a caring home, but he eventually did.

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When he eventually met Sheryl Smith, he discovered that someone was prepared to accept him for who he was, his impairments and all. When Smith first encountered Sherio, she knew she had to take him home because of her experience looking after stray animals. After being adopted, he decided to put his experience to use and help other pets who had similar pasts.

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Sherio’s deep affection for the animals he assists in fostering is understandable considering that he has himself dealt with an analogous situation much too frequently. Sherio is comfortable in his present permanent home, but owing to his past, he still struggles with separation anxiety. He still sobs in the car because he believes he is being dropped off somewhere else, Smith explains.

He is stronger than his heartbreaking past, and he proves it.

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In the year 2020, Tiny Tolley, a stray kitten in desperate need of care, was taken in by Smith. Naturally, Sherio did his bit and patiently watched as the kitten got stronger and healthier. When Tiny Tolley was old enough to explore the house on her own, he even gave her a couple of huge, wet puppy licks. Sherio has been able to benefit from his experiences by not allowing his past heartbreak to influence his present life.

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