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10+ Times Cats Cracked Us Up With Their Weird Acts

Since the internet first became mainstream, one thing that everyone always wanted to look at were pictures of cats. From internet phenomena like icanhazcheeseburger to the late Grumpy Cat, we’ve always loved and enjoyed cat pictures. To this day, I am convinced that the internet was invented just so humans could look at pictures of cats from the comfort of their own home.


My evidence for such a claim? You! Me! Everyone! The cats in this list, for example, are either obsessive, in love, derpy, or just plain funny. Regardless of where they lie, there’s little doubt in my mind that their owners who decided to take their pictures did humanity a great service.

So here’s a list of dozens of cats being cats in a way that’ll make you go awwww! If you don’t already own a cat, you might be tempted to get one after this. Just look at the little fireballs.

#1 This cat is admiring her human.

#2 If she fits, she sits.


#3 This cat has quite a bit of sheep in her.


#4 Taking the midnight train going nowhere.


#5 So what if they’re statues? A lap is a lap.


#7 This cat takes pets wherever she finds them.


#8 They’re just vibing together.


#9 Butters brought chicken, don’t be ungrateful.


#10 She will sing you the song of her people.


#11 You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.


#12 What a busy office cat.

This is a business cat. He’s on important business duties, as you can clearly tell by his tie. Unlike other business cats, he has chosen to wear a spotted one, which clearly means he’s serious about his job, as opposed to the more checkered tie business cats, which are out for parties. Have a good day, business cat.

#13 She turns into a snail when pooping.


#14 No one cares about TV. This lamp on the other hand…

#15 Instructions unclear, stuck in feeder.


#16 He looks so relaxed, I don’t know whether to swoon or be jealous.

#17 Wear a cat on your head.


#18 He’s camouflaged into the mat.

#19 Simbaaaaaa!


#20 A hoodie is a good place to nap as any, I guess.

#21 Vampire cat feeds on doggo.


#22 Sergeant Kitty reporting for duty.

#23 He’s angry that you tried to free him from the box.


#24 There’s definitely a cat here.

This worries me! Can you imagine how many times they accidentally stepped on this cat because he perfectly blends into the environment? The accidental yelps and gushes of apologies? I think he does it on purpose to make his humans feel bad and feed him more snacks.

#25 The Great Heist!

#26 When your friend keeps you from saying something stupid.

#27 The light from the window turned this cat into a bus.


#28 She’s so happy turning into a bunny.


#29 Don’t talk to me, or my son, or my son’s son.

#30 Is it me, or is this cat smiling?


#31 I don’t think he likes the new pillows.

#32 Head boop the human baby.

#33 They’ve come to give their blessing.


#34 He’s mad he fits perfectly into the stair.

#35 Hitching a ride to the beyond!

#36 Why does this cat look like two different cats in one?


His face is a different shape and color than the rest of his body. What secrets are you holding? It’s like he’s wearing a fur coat or something! Even his arms, legs and tail are the same colour as his face, it’s only his entire body that decided to go a stark shade of white. What a funny looking guy.

#37 the old man cat will answer your question… For some kibble.

#38 When you’re too tiny to feed yourself so get someone bigger to feed you.

#39 Assistance required! Bear detected!


#40 I can see where she gets her napping habits from.

#41 The fat cat needs to go on a diet, oh my gosh.

#42 Both the dog and the cat decided to climb into the tub.


#43 Yoghurt thief caught red handed.

#44 I think he’s auditioning for a Lion King play.

#45 Play chess, not checkers.


#46 I think she wants attention.

#47 A yarn house was too much for the humble cat.

#48 Patiently waiting for some snacky snacks.


#49 Order? Reason? What’s that?

#50 Gaming isn’t as important as these cats are.

Show us your pictures of your cats being adorable!


What do you think?

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