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18 Tweets That Anyone Who Has A 4-Legged Friend Will Understand

Our four-legged furry babies have many characteristics that we all know and mostly love. They’re cute, cuddly, and extremely judgmental, just like your best friend. However, there are some aspects of cats that only cat owners truly understand. Some of those things are completely adorable, while others are completely repulsive – hello, your furry baby could be pooping in a box inside your house right now. You know, these elements combine to form the joy of cat ownership.


Having a pet is like always having a living, breathing entertainment center with you. These tiny lovable creatures are the source of so many fascinating stories that even the most hardened of hearts can’t help but smile, and even the most loving of hearts can’t help but grimace. These stories make us all feel warm and happy. If you have a pet, you will undoubtedly relate to these amusing stories shared by Twitter users.

Scroll down to read them;

1. Cats give the expression “picky eaters” a whole new meaning

Via mariagovori / Twitter

2. Why is my cat turning into a rug?

Via quenblackwell / Twitter

3. I resonate with this cat on a spiritual level

Via Maria_Key / Twitter

4.  Alexa play “Attention” by Charlie Puth

Via drsy10WSbjZ3Sho / Twitter

5. These narcissistic little brats have no right to be as cute they are

Via dr***andhopele1 / Twitter

6. No hamster owner has ever had just one hamster

Via Ok_lahoma / Twitter

7. This is what my sleep paralysis demon looks like!

Via Svetlyi / Twitter

8. To be fair there was no prey on the chair

Via warholsdog / Twitter

9. I thought he is poking the cat’s eye!

Via  Maria_Key / Twitter

Everything changes when a fluffball enters our homes. By The Way – it’s one of the most amazing feelings! As pet owners, we’ll have to give our dog treats on a daily basis, put up with all the strange things our cat does, and stop counting hamsters who reproduce at the speed of light. Twitter users shared some more amusing pet stories, which anyone with a four-legged friend will understand. Continue reading for the amusing, bizarre, and occasionally concerning tweets that only cat parents are aware of. So, let’s have a look:

10. They have no idea what you mean either, don’t worry!

Via TheAndrewNadeau / Twitter

11. Seems like you either need a new friend or a new house to invite him in!!!

Via great_knee / Twitter

12. Your hamster is a mafia agent in the animal world

via rinchenwaltz / Twitter

13.  These Dupli-cats watch over you like guardian angels!

Via pirozhenshchina / Twitter
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14. Every pet owner’s biggest dream and the worst nightmare is their pet learning how to speak.

Via sealsnwaves / Twitter

15. Your dog is a princess.

Via jaywillis / Twitter

16. Dogs are so endlessly precious.

Via pirozhenshchina / Twitter

17.  My dad ate his words.

Via dead_k***joy_ / Twitter

18. What are lookin’ at buddy?

Via bl**d*emaria / Twitter

Did you ever have a similar situation where your pets cat awfully? Also, which tweet did you like the most? We would love to hear from you in the comments section below! Lastly, don’t forget to share these hilarious tweets with your friends and families to make their day.


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